Data Studio has been integrated into Looker by Google and is now known as Looker Studio. According to Google, the platform will now have more functionality and analytics tools available.

What is Looker Studio?

A more cohesive analytics ecosystem will be created through new connectors between Looker and the Google BI services Data Studio and Connected Sheets.

Google said “Looker Studio has replaced Data Studio. With the help of our comprehensive enterprise business intelligence suite, we will assist you in moving beyond dashboards and integrating the intelligence required to support data-driven decision-making into your workflows and applications.”

Your data is transformed by Looker Studio into completely customizable, educational reports and dashboards that are simple to read and distribute. Looker is a platform for big data analytics and business intelligence that makes it simple to explore, examine, and share real-time business insights.

Users will be able to apply the Looker modeling layer to combine data sources thanks to Looker Studio’s new support for data models from Looker.

It’s not fair to compare Data Studio to Looker apples to apples, although Looker has several distinct advantages.

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