Top 10 Most Uniquely Known Cryptocurrency Platforms

Being a cryptocurrency enthusiast, everyone want to know about some unique digital currencies which has taken digital transactions to next level within a few years of technological innovations. Some of these few cryptocurrencies are well know but you’ll surely find some unique, new and most distinguishable cryptocurrencies here in this blog.

Top 10 Unique and New Digital Currencies:

  1. Libra Coins: A well known cryptocurrency platform from Facebook group called “Libra”. Libra currently use digital wallet for transactions called Novi. This name of digital wallet has been changed recently to Novi from Calibra.
  2. Hive Blockchain: A recently launched blockchain system based in Canada. It is said to be a first public listed blockchain company that combines both blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional cryptocurrency markets.
  3. Bitcoin: The most popular cryptocurrency based coin BTC. It is said to be the start of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Being most popular, valuable and oldest cryptocurrency it has been involved in many technology innovations which cannot be described in just a few paragraphs.
  4. Tron: A blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency O.S based on crypto native systems. It has been founded by a Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. Recently in 2020, Tron(TRX) has acquired Steemit platform(Social Media based on Crypto token rewards in form of Steem Cryptocurrency).
  5. Ethereum: A one of the most popular cryptocurrency system widely used for DApp development across globe. Its crypto-symbol is ETH and its has been always on the list of top cryptocurrencies till date along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  6. Steem: Its a unique kind of cryptocurrency associated with most Steemit and Steem based platforms like Steem Monster, Utopia, etc.
  7. Dash: This cryptocurrency offers untraceable transactions and is one of the most famous open source cryptocurrency. It was previously known as Xcoin and DarkCoin.
  8. Minds Token: Being a distributed social network for mobile and desktop devices, Mind offer a reward system called Minds Tokens. There are some more social media networks offering these type of crypto based token rewards for upvotes, likes and user engagements with content.
  9. Litecoin: people donate it by Sign like “L” . Being an project fork of Bitcoin, it has been released under MIT/X11 license. It refers to a P2P open source cryptocurrency earlier Bitcoin spinoff or Altcoin.
  10. Reddit Coins: These coins has been launched by Reddit Inc or which is an highly used social media for years till date. Just like other platforms such as Minds, Steemit and Dtube, its also offer reward systems in form of these tokens called Reddit coins. If you are “Reddit Premium” user, you’ll get monthly coins for your advertisements and rewarding others content. You can directly buy these coins on their official website mentioned above.
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