We all know about some video meeting application we have in almost every operating system these days just like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Meetup etc. In other words, we can can understand it like meeting several teams remotely connecting to each other by web video conferencing.

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In this pandemic of Corona Virus this year(2020), people from corporate industry rely on working from home to stop spread of Covid-19 till date. So, every Indian has taken an pledge to stay by following Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Application Professionals Use In India For Video Meetings/Conferencing:

  1. Skype: Skype is a MicroSoft owned software allows professionals chat, voicemail, 5 video calling (simultaneous) and screen sharing like features. There are some more exceptional features of Skype included in its Premium Membership. Its one of the most used smartphone app used for official chat and for video calling. It also provides features like wireless hotspot network access.
  1. Zoom Meetings & Conferencing App: Being employees of corporate industries, people prefer using Zoom due to its availability and reliability. It allows almost unlimited number of participants to join meeting simultaneously.
    Some professional tools are also there in Zoom i.e. Remote Screen sharing, HD video and Audio calls.
  2. Google Meet: A major part of Google Suite, it is an extended version of Google Hangouts called “Google Hangouts Meet” and in short it is known as “Meet”. Some os its unique features are live captions, video meeting/conferencing between groups. It allows 250 participants to be in a meeting altogether and 100,000 viewers can watch the meeting at the same time.
  1. Microsoft Teams: Its one of the most used softwares in teams for online meeting these days. This application software comes with paid software package called MicroSoft Office 365 which inludes its most used document based softwares like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access & OneNote etc. It provides direct access to Outlook, Onedrive, Skype and SharePoint etc.
  1. Cisco WebEx: This application has been provided to its users by Global Hardware & Communication Tech Giant in the field Cisco. This application software allows people to use HD video conferencing along with Desktop sharing options. Being a platform independent application its one of the most used video conferencing software across globe.

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