Top 10 Ways to Create Innovative Videos at Home

If you are a video content producer or tech geek or making something different stuff for YouTube/Dailymotion then you already know that how important it is to use something unique and new in every new video to be in the market on millions of followers.

A video without a storyboard is like a house without a foundation.


You can loose thousands of followers in few hours if your stuff isn’t very effective, engaging, unique and new. Creating some sort of videos is not that creative if you’re not presenting it in some unique way.

Some trending video content creation ideas:

  1. Collage videos

I am not sure about the heading but the meaning of this heading will be clear to you as the image has showing us “Multiple Videos in 1 Frame at same time “. This allows you to do your work in a group or to show something more than usual.

Video Screenshot credits: Movavi Vlog

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  1. Dynamic video angles

If you are making your videos by using a mobile or a camera it is a good news for your just you have to spend some money on Gimbal (Mobile & Camera), video cranes & selfie sticks(Most cheaper), or you can use 2-3 camera from different angles at same time and you can pick shots from any camera while editing your video. In this type of video, you may need someones help to manage your camera or you can use remote controlling camera with your smartphone after placing it at desirable location.

Watch one of my previous music video to see how I did that:

  1. Green screen effect

As the name suggests, you have to place a green screen in the whole background and it will be replaced later at the time of editing into any video you want as your background. This is my personal favorite & changes its usefulness with every different stock footage you use for background.

Image Credits: Adobe Stock
  1. Color grading

This is the most basic feature of a video which needs to be implemented because it increases effectiveness of your video, makes it more cinematic with effects, you can use presets or filter as most of the software provide this commonly these days. It can also be provided by cameras as well as mobile system softwares or by third party apps like Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Filmora etc.

Check out this video, its includes a cinematic Lumetri presets on Adobe Premiere Pro CC or you can use any color correction features in your editing process.

  1. Merging video clips smoothly into 1 final video

Here comes the minor part where only your transition effect matters to make video playing smooth in flow. You can use any dissolve, 3D Motion, Immersive video, Slider & Zoom transition effects to merge your different short clip to each other.

Lets check this video of mine on YouTube where I’ve used Cross Dissolve Transition effect for 1:00 seconds.

  1. Using unique backgrounds

Choosing the right frame according to your video stuff is very important because its not only you which want to show in your frame. More professionally, you have to minimize number of non relevant objects out of your frame and use some of the objects which can make your video cool.

Below embedded YouTube video shows it perfectly because I’ve minimized number of objects in my frame.

  1. Use familiar stuff in new, unique way

This is personal my favorite because it had challenged me on every step those days. A lot of people create short music videos this way “Mobile or any small camera Inside a Guitar Body” while playing it along with singing at the same time. Search everywhere for something new but with no harms to any living or dead.

  1. People love trying new and being inspired

Provide some right topic with an objective to your audience because its the thing which makes you different from your competitors. Find something now & inspire your viewers!

  1. Tell your audience about your previously used techniques

Just like I have added almost every technique which can help you make something cooler than before. This is not what I’ve read somewhere from other bloggers/creators, instead this is my own experience(almost every point) & techniques I’ve been using till date.

  1. Your target audience is everywhere

Don’t forget that people can see you anywhere on internet so better be aware of which content should be posted. Don’t worry, you just need to do your professional creator mode “on” most of the time while using your professional social accounts.

Where, When & How”

I hope you like this information I’ve shared above in 10 points. Let me know if there are topics related to this or you want to contribute something in this topic in comment section below.

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