Hi everyone, this blog is all about musicians who are well established & unique by their styles in music in the Indian State “Himachal Pradesh”. This blog does not intend to any claim according to any survey. These are ranked according some music specialists we know from Himachal Pradesh music industry.

List of top 10 vocalists in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Mohit Chauhan: Majorly works in bollywood music and live concerts but he has contributed some evergreen Himachali medlodies like “Amma Puchadi” & “Maye ni meriye” etc.
  1. Karnail Rana: Majorly worked on some pahadi original music & fold pahadi music in Himachal Pradesh music industry.
  1. Naveen Bhatia: Majorly a YouTuber who makes his own songs, covers of bollywood & singles of pop kind and is a public figure only.
  1. Hansraj Raghuvanshi: Majorly works in Himachali traditional songs like bhole etc. He has contributed some of old remakes based on religious origins.
  1. Lvy Anshu: He is a producer, singer and songwriter from Kangra Himachal Pradesh. He has created some legendary songs in Punjabi, Hindi & Pahadi.
  1. Dheeraj Kumar: He has done some old music based on Pahadi from Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Sher Singh: He has contributed some good songs like “Kunjua” with female singer Chanchlo.
  3. Sunil Rana: He has contributed pahadi music with some of his hit albums like Pratha, Parampara, Nakti etc.
  4. Piyush Raj Kumar: Piyush Raj has served the state with songs like thandi hawa chuldi etc.
  5. Rumeel Singh: He has created some songs which went viral as nati songs like “khinnua”.

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