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Quora Ads VS TikTok Ads, Whats The Difference?

As we know that both platforms are well established social media platforms with different audience & niche. TikTok & Quora enbaled advertising ways to promote business online on its social media platforms because they have a variety & wide range of audience.

Tik Tok Advertsing

TikTok Advertising:

It has launched ads platform in India in recent months, but offers entertainment purpose ads where you can promote business or products for a short video loving audience. People on TikTok will directly be redirected to your landing page when they swipe the video ad up just like Instagram story ads.

Quora Ads Marketing

Quora Advertsing:

On the other hand, Quora has its own forum/QA type social media audience base where you can post only search or banner ads maybe. You can show your ads as a business, not as an individual.

They have their Quora Marketing manager DASHBOARD just like Facebook & Google Ads dashboards which are most famous video & follower ads.

And, on Quora people earn money with help of impressions & clicks on your asked questions if you area Quora Partner account.

Tik Tok offer a specific kind of audience which comes into play between 12 – 42 year. Whereas, Quora has audience like writers, discussion related audience which includes people where age ranges from 10 -55 years.