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LinkedIn Podcast Network Launched in India

LinkedIn has launched a new way of connecting with professionals through audio/episodes in its recent launch called “LinkedIn Podcast Network“. Before this community feature, LinkedIn has offered great professional grade, minimal spammed features which kept LinkedIn social media engaged by employers, employees, job seekers, social media marketers and many more.

From job listing to courses to hiring to podcasting, now it’ became a complete suite after 2018 offered by LinkedIn to analyze, create, promote and track their content on the platform itself.

After getting a huge success in almost everything they’ve launched, now you guys will have access to the world’s one of the best speakers, entrepreneurs, self-improvement content creators on this podcasting platform which directly compete with Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Deezar etc.

LinkedIn also offers some good features for enthusiasts to create Newsletters, Sales Insights, Lead generations tools etc.

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What is MoveOS? Whats the purpose behind its development?

Its not revealed about MoveOS yet that on which programming languages its coded but, you’ll know about its features, purpose, and publishers for their own specific usage.

Why MoveOS Built?

MoveOS has been launched on 15 August/Independence Day by an Indian Electric scooter and online cabs tech giant OLA.

It’s not a OS which helps you connect some peripherals to your smartph9ne or internet but its an fully functional operatin system development in-house by OLA to run their most advanced electric scooter with smooth connection, advanced AI driven features and to control everything visually and even can make smart decisions.

What Are Some of the MoveOS Features Revealed by OLA Electric?

  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom dashboard
  • Android like smooth experience
  • Voice assistant wakes up with “Hey OLA”
  • Works with 4G Network
  • Auto Detects Your Presence with Help of Sensors
  • Smart Suggestions for Recharge, Alarms, Reminders
  • Helps You Controls Your Ola S1 AND S1 PRO From Smartphone
  • Pick Calls, Play Music with help of mobile like installed hardware and software
  • Apps for regular use
  • Manages moods and widgets smartly to drag and drop
  • Rising modes are easier than ever to access

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Information explained in this blog fetched from OLA’s recent electric scooter launch and From http://www.olaelectric.com website so, get more information at the source to know more.

Some Awesome Non-Android Operating Systems for Mobile

There are lot of mobile Operating systems to cover. Especially from Symbian, BlackBerry to Windows to Android to iOS.

We Indians usually opt for budget phones with some trending features to stay updated with technology which can be affordable, feature-rich, easy to use.

I personally love to explore some smartphones offering some exciting features like custom widgets, multiple camera modes, pro video shooting, UI based features etc. And I have found all these features in Android as well as in iOS.

But there are some Smartphone operating systems which are not quite famous as compared to some Non Andoid OS’s like Bada OS, Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS, MicroSoft Windows OS, iOS, Sailfish OS, WebOS, MeeGo and Tizen OS  etc.

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Mobile Operating Systems other than Android are:

  1. Bada OS: It had been launched by Samsung Electronics as one of competitor for Android with their full equipped Android like features. It could be one of the best available OS for mobiles till date but has faced a lot of issues due to competition on mobile markets. So, Samsung stopped using this OS in their smartphones. First smartphone Samsung has launched with BADA OS was Samsung Wave(Samsung S8500 Wave, Samsung Wave II). Later Bada OS was merged with Tizen OS which has its own app ecosystem just like Play store & App store.
  2. Symbian OS: An exceptional smartphone OS used by Nokia Corporation & Sony Ericsson for their mid-range before 4G smartphone series. It has been discontinued by Nokia & Symbian Ltd in the year of 2012. Here are some outstanding and trendsetter smartphones based on Symbian OS releases Nokia N Series, Nokia E Series, Nokia 808 Pureview, Sony Ericsson P990i, Nokia N Guage etc.
  3. BlackBerry OS: It wasn’t an Open source OS like all others in this list and had been used by BlackBerry Ltd(formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM) in their Qwerty & business smartphones. It has been shut down in the year 2013 with their last update release BlackBerry 9790/9900(Source-Wikipedia). The company bas been in fame for many years for making high quality smartphones with Blackberry OS & Android OS along with software’s they make such as Blackberry messenger, Launcher and Qwerty keypads etc.
  4. MicroSoft Windows OS: It was one worst fail in smartphone OS history till date but was a good smartphone OS. Windows Phone OS has been upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 then upgraded to Windows 10 within almost 6 years of time. First smartphone has been launched with Windows OS was with HTC then, with Samsung, Dell, Nokia & MicroSoft etc.
    We all know about performance, hardware and design segment of these smartphones and the idea behind this innovation with desktop like experience. Major reason behind the fail of these phones are Lack of app availability, Bad 3rd in-app experience, absence of Google services, price, Bad 3rd party app replacements, absence of smooth software along with Dark UI etc.
  5. iOS: Unlike the Cisco IOS, its an phone OS developed by Apple Inc. for their smartphone devices know as iPhone. Its one of the most used, trusted and bloatware-free smartphone OS with new trendsetter features in every update Apple offer to its users. Apple has also developed other Operating Systems derived from iOS i.e. iPadOS. Before iPadOS, they were using iOS for their almost every smartphone such as iPod and iPad devices. The reasons behind its popularity and success is its own app ecosystem, optimized features, quality hardware, security, extra premium designs and new advanced features with every update.

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  6. Tizen OS: It was a joint effort of Linux Foundation, MeeGo(A joint OS project by Intel & Nokia) & Samsung Electronics. It has been used primarily in smartphone devices for a short period of time. The idea behind this OS was to develop an OS which can be used on every type of devices such as wearables, TVs etc. Samsung merged their Bada OS with MeeGo for developing Tizen OS. It was way slower but capable of doing most of the tasks Android and iOS devices are doing these days.
  7. MeeGo OS: MeeGo was founded by Nokia and Intel corporation and researched for a short period of time. Some of their famous mobiles with MeeGo OS are Nokia N9 released early in the year of 2013. Being one of the best mobile UI/UX rich operating system, it was quite simple, attractive and high performing OS. You can feel some of its design similarities on using Samsung Galaxy smartphones which are taken from Tizen OS(Merged design from Bada & MeeGo.
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