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Most Used 10 Indian Raag in Bollywood Songs till Now

Raag’s has served Hindustani classical/Karnataka music & as well as in even bollywood music . We know that music theory applies to each and every melody, song, music, pattern & beat but we don’t know how to find root for these all listed above.

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So, this blog is all about Raags which has helped creators to create some evergreen & natural music melodies by mixing these with other ones (Fusion) or by using these in natural ( Sudh) raag form.

Here’s a list of popular Ragas in Bollywood Music Till Date:

  1. Raag Bhairavi : One of the most powerful & loved raag in every community in the world is Raag Bhariavi.
  2. Raag Bhupali : Most important & taught to every learner in beginner phase.
  3. Raag Yaman Kalyan: First Raag to be taught and it also has some effects similar to Raag Yaman Kalyan.
  4. Raag Bhairav: Most used in every language & has variety of Bandish (lyrics) available.
  5. Raag Bilawal: Based on Vishnu Dev & taught in beginner learning phase.
  6. Raag Alahya Bilawal: This Raag has some similar notes included as Raag Bilawal.
  7. Raag Bhairav: Its importance can be judged by its popularity.
  8. Raag Pahadi : Not sure about it till now, will update soon.
  9. Raag Yaman : This raag has been used most in music created in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies.
  10. Raag Ahi Bhairav: Popular song “Albela Sajan” has been based on the same Raag Ahi Bhairav.

Comment below if you got any suggestions and improvements to this blog. Have a musical day ahead!

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