As Paid to Click are very common in non Asian countries now so, it demands the introductions and options for PTC enthusiasts who are looing to earn money at home just by using their personal computers and MAC web browser. There are many options to earn money through PTC but before that lets learn a bit about Paid to Click first.

What is Paid to Click model?

Its as simple as Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click ads. Paid to click is a online business model that gets most of its traffic from people interested in earning money from home. PTC itself earns online traffic from websites who want promotions with help of advertisers and after that, these ads will be shown to consumers like us. Which simply means, Advertisers show ads on PTC websites and then PTC websites show those ads to consumers.

NeoBux – A Paid to Click Business Model

Paid to click Neobux earn money

If your question is about NeoBux then, you are right place to get answers to all your queries related to NeoBux. NeoBux is an Paid to click service provider website for desktop or PC users only till date. They offer paid to click services to advertisers from all over the world so that advertisers will get promotions/clicks to their link from NeoBux and it will be affordable too for them to advertise on Neobux.

There are two parties involved in Paid to Click models:

1. Advertiser

2. Viewer

Advertisers place their ads on websites offering Paid to click campaigns just like NeoBux. These websites offer them to place ads on their website on multiple pages. Its more like a Affiliate marketing practice for a Layman, but its targeting can be similar zed with Google Ads, AdRoll and Amazon ads.

A viewer simply click on ads to earn money because website only count your view after properly opening the ads they are running on website. You an read website’s guidelines to know more in details if you want to earn money this way.

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What else they offer on NeoBux?

NeoBux Forums:

These forums are created to improve customer experience on NeoBux website just by providing them a platform where they can ask queries, have active discussions with each other regarding their earnings, experiences and doubts in NeoBux Paid to click process.

What Are Some other Paid to Click platforms?

There are several platforms like NeoBux who fall under the same category where people can earn money in form of cryptocurrencies, USD etc.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Buxp
  3. Gptplanet
  4. Scarlet-Clicks
  5. Clixblue
  6. Buxvertise
  7. Expresspaid
  8. Goldenclix
  9. EldiBux

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