Popular dishes in Himachal Pradesh

Pahadi Dish FAQs by Himachali Locals

If you live, travel and stay in Himachal Pradesh then, you are already aware of what Pahadi people call their unique Dishes. There are more than 50 dishes to mention here, we’ll only mention the most unique and less well-known dishes Himachali and Uttarakhandi people make at their home. This blog will only include the shortest description for every single mentioned dish below.

Here’s the List of Unique yet Tastiest Pahadi Dishes:

1. What is Sidoo or Siddu?

A flour based steamed dish which contains many ingredients to fill-up with the mix of these ingredients into the hollow piece of well mixed wheat flour. Then, Pahadi’s treat it with steam and heated until it gets fully baked from inside too. Then, it gets served with home-made sauce or chutney.

There are a number of ingredients people used to fill in Siddu’s but main of those ingredients are poppy seeds, Walnut, Almonds, Chili flakes, roasted Cumin-Coriander powder, Turmeric and Salt etc.

2. What is Redoo(रेड़ू):

Redu or Redoo is a salty dish with lassi and rice in it. It is one of the most common of these and is majorly common in Kangra and Neighbour districts of Kangra. This dish is usually half treated with heat, don’t heat and treat it fully on stove.

3. What is Palda(पलदा):

Palda is known by many names like Kaddu, Palada, Palda etc. A very similar dish to the above Redu but the main difference is it container Curd with Tadka.

4. What is Kalakadu(कलाकड़ू):

A rare but unique kind of Kakdi which is used to make a mix-veg like dish out of it. Read more.

5. What is Lonku:

Lonku is a vegetable known for its recipes like Lauki etc. This is also used to make it easy to make quick snacks like Katlu/Pakodas etc. Read more!

6. What is Badiyan(धूड़ा पेठा वड़ियां):

After griding an Ash guard and mixing it with a Flour (Besan, Wheat). Pahadi people make Vadiyan(Raw pakodas from that mix). This mix is then dried in direct sunlight. Then, people save them to make a Aaloo vadiyan like sabzi using those Ash Guard pakodas.

7. What is Surr(सुर):

A most famous yet unique kind of Pahadi drink which contains Alcohol and used to get a chill fell and hangover in winters like Alcohol and hash. People usually make it at home using some seeds and grains.

8. What is Lugdi(लुगड़ी):

Lugdi is a viscous drinking liquid people used to extract while making rice in non-cooker vessels. When rice gets heated up correctly and ready to use, you can extract its liquid to drink it after mixing a pinch of salt.

9. What is Jholl(झोल)

In Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Jhol is well known for a drug-based drink. Its main ingredient is rice. Usually, it can be purchased only in factories and their wholesale markets only.

10. What is Sund or Sonth:

It is known as many names in many states but majorly it is a desi-ghee mixed Laddo of made at home for healthy immune and energy gain. People usually make these laddu’s or mixed for regular eating in Winter season. No. of ingredients used in these laddus are Ginger powder, Raw and dry sugarcane Gudd, life dry coconut, Wheat, Desi Ghee, Almonds, Pista & Gond etc. This is very common yet healthy dish for regular eating in all of the north India. Read more!

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