There are a number of video editing softwares available in market but when it comes to Vlog, Music videos and Cinematic shot editing, we have to choose different video editor for every purpose we want to edit on.

Some of the camera and action camera companies provide their own video editors like GoPro, Sony etc. But if you want your stuff to look more professional in videos, then this blog and information is for you.

List of some Professional Video Editing Softwares:

1. Adobe Premier Pro

This is one stop shop for all your video editing ideas because you can have all the cutting, voice over, Color grading etc . in one software which is provided by Abobe Systems. This software is available for all Mac and Windows pcs on paid version only. You can find templates created by people on internet to almost every time taking effect or technique because of its broad users.

2. Final Cut Pro

A Mac specific video editing software provided by Apple Inc. This softwares is a fully functional software which almost lies with Premiere pro but because its only limited to Apple Mac user people, people other than Mac can’t use it and even they don’t prefer it over Premiere pro.

3. Hitfilm Pro

This is just a film editing software with phenomenal effects used in movies like Dr. Strange, Iron Man etc. Its a paid version of software. There’s one more version free of cost i.e. Hitfilm Express. If you want something which can replace Adobe Premiere Pro then, this is the replacement by FXHome.

4. Adobe After Effects

Here in After effects, you can create text animations and other 3D animations of any quality resolutions you want. This is also a paid one from Adobe systems.

5. Wondershare Filmora

This is the one software, not heavy one like other but relatively very useful for YouTubers, TikToker etc. Due to its wide use in Asian countries, people prefer it using for multiple purpose. Its most easiest software than other in this list. It offer effect built within it you cannot created a effect for your own custom video.

On 4k video editing you’ll face a lag sometimes so please use PC with RAM above 8 GB for 4K video editing in all these softwares. Hope you’ve liked the information shared above. Share your thought in comment section below.

Watch my Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro & Wondershare Filmora:

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