Its not revealed about MoveOS yet that on which programming languages its coded but, you’ll know about its features, purpose, and publishers for their own specific usage.

Why MoveOS Built?

MoveOS has been launched on 15 August/Independence Day by an Indian Electric scooter and online cabs tech giant OLA.

It’s not a OS which helps you connect some peripherals to your smartph9ne or internet but its an fully functional operatin system development in-house by OLA to run their most advanced electric scooter with smooth connection, advanced AI driven features and to control everything visually and even can make smart decisions.

What Are Some of the MoveOS Features Revealed by OLA Electric?

  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom dashboard
  • Android like smooth experience
  • Voice assistant wakes up with “Hey OLA”
  • Works with 4G Network
  • Auto Detects Your Presence with Help of Sensors
  • Smart Suggestions for Recharge, Alarms, Reminders
  • Helps You Controls Your Ola S1 AND S1 PRO From Smartphone
  • Pick Calls, Play Music with help of mobile like installed hardware and software
  • Apps for regular use
  • Manages moods and widgets smartly to drag and drop
  • Rising modes are easier than ever to access

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Information explained in this blog fetched from OLA’s recent electric scooter launch and From website so, get more information at the source to know more.

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