The first thought everyone gets about Instagram after mentioning the name is number of followers, Images, short videos etc. So, why followers matter a lot these days because among of all 3 shared above, followers are a different kind of metric everything else is just a feature by Facebook owned social media Called “Instagram”.

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Why Followers Matter on Instagram?

As Instagram is one of the largest social media community growing at higher rate than other social medias like Pinterest, Dribble, Quora and Reddit.

Instagram has become a branding standard for professions like modelling, designing, artists, musicians and Actors too. These profiles show their portfolio of work, brand collaborations and brand endorsements etc.

Thats why everyone is looking for something which can get them followers in Millions.

What Are Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers are associated with ghost accounts which remain inactive and do not do any social media activity such as like, engagements, comments and sharing etc.

These accounts later used for increasing someone else’s followers and likes. Some peole even use ghost accounts for social media messaging, harassment video posting, scams etc.

Ghost followers are paid as well as free as you can search for free Instagram followers on Google and you’ll get tons of websites offering free followers to a specific number like 1-50. These platforms the .offer paid followers at some price so that you can get instant followers with almost no activity.

Where to find ghost followers?

Ghost Followers can be found on various follower provider websites and apps. These apps and websites are easily accessible to eveyone using internet these days. Just search for “increase Instagram follower” and you’ll get to see websites in SERP.

Advantages of Ghost Followers

When you pay someone online/offline and get followers in return, it will get you followers on your profile instantly, you can promote videos instead of increasing followers. You can get likes, shares and comments on your IG posts.

Disadvantages of Ghost Followers

Ghost followers come with a risk of losing what you just got without posting any unique, engaging content on your profile. The followers, likes, comments and mentions you got from shoutout providers can leave you behind anytime in any social media race. These followers just stay till Instagram or a social media detects its unusual activity on platforms to make it a illegal business.

How These Ghost Followers Affect A Social Media?

Ghost followers usually make a social media a bit toxic because an account with someone else’s name can do things like messaging, posting and commenting which can lead to a social riot these days. An account in wrong hands can do a lot more than we think. Many illegal and terrorist activities can happen on social media when it comes to handling those fake/no owner accounts.

What A Social Media Marketing Person Can Suggest?

Being an experienced social media user and marketing expert I, Naveen Bhatia suggest you not to use any auto-liker, auto-follower App because these apps use Instagram like login API to show you that their app is authorized one from Instagram and they then get access to your password with no difficulty. Then, they follow, like, comment with help of bots on others accounts just like you did for yours.

I even suggest you not to use any fake follower, secret profile admirer app which asks for your logins. Do not provide your account access to anyone because it can be harmful to you as well others.

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