We’ve seen how good it feels to listen this track from movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha”. But this track can express a lot more through its purity, classical vocals, chord progression and music style. This song includes fingerstyle guitar, Papons Alaap’s, and tons of emotions of makers like Anu Malik, Papon and YRF.

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Below shared are the written tabs for Prem Theme Original scale on Guitar:

Put a capo on 5th Fret of Guitar, now:

Open Asus Shape->

Open E Major Shape

B Major Shape

Open D Major Chord

A Major

Right Hand Fingerstyle Pattern Is:

Thumb DownStroke ->5th string

Index UpStroke-> 4th String

Ring Upstroke-> 2nd String

Middle Upstroke-> 3rd String

Index Upstroke Again-> 4th String

Line to Line Composition in Shared Below:-

(De re Ra, Da re ra re re ra ra….

Asus(2 times) E Major(2)

De re rara rara..ra ra re…)×2

B major(1) E Major(1) Asus(2)

Da re ra, ra rara rara ra rera ra..ra re

Asus(2) E Major(2)

Da re re ra ra rara…da ra..raaaa

B major(1) E Major(1) Asus(2)

repeat again….


Da ra rara rara da ra ra re re ra,

A major( 2 times) E Major(2 times)

Da ra rara rara Da rara re da rere ra..

A major( 2 times)         E Major(2 times)

Da rara ra ra ra….Re…..Daaa na re ra …..

E (2 times) D(2) B(1) D(2) Asus

Start from beginning again now!

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