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Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows and MAC

Having multiple options in screen recording apps makes this market very competitive as there are many quality check parameters which are responsible for a selection of 1 app out of all these. Some parameters have been listed below, on the basis of which we’ll rank the screen recording apps.

  • Video quality: To ensure the fps, capture quality and visual quality without distortions in the final recorded file.
  • Editing experience: Some screen recording tools offer editing features like highlighting some elements with a pen like experience etc. which gives tutorial/teachers makers easy workflow.
  • Ease: There are many free and paid software programs which offer screen recording features, but only a few of them are easy to understand, record and even broadcast directly to streaming services.
  • Length: Recording software programs offer limited time of recording screen per video to their basic users. So, in these parameters we will keep in mind that which tool is best in this segment.
  • Maximum no. of video per month or per account: Total no. of video you can record on a program are limited in free, basic, and even in premium memberships. This limit expands with an increase in membership plan upgrades.
  • No. of maximum users allowed: You only get a limited number of users usually in most of the plans offered by Software programs except Enterprise plan.
  • Pricing: This is one of the major parameters which affect a user’s choice, as some apps are really expensive if they have bad user experience.
  • Cloud Saving, Publishing & Link sharing: This feature is very rare in screen recording or screen casting software programs. But it is one good option for people to just record. And share a playable link like you share YouTube links with someone which makes your video device independent too.
  • Third-Party Integration: Most of the software programs offer third party linking, like PowToon is now linked with MS PowerPoint. These integrations help you speed up your work by reducing no. of steps you are going to do after 1 step.
  • Natural Color Capture: There are many tools which produce very bad videos after capturing them. Some of them are like OBS studio. It’s good but its default setting produces bad quality videos.

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Below listed are the tools ranked based on above shared features:

1. XBox Game Bar:

This feature has been introduced by MicroSoft since Windows 10 release. Xbox game is majorly there for game recordings but can also be sued in other apps, browsers to record/export natural quality videos. This is totally free and is best in the segment.

Where to find Xbox Gamebar?

Go to Windows 10 Start options, search for Xbox gamebar and open the recording softwares.

2. Berrycast:

If you are looking for an external or totally good screen recording software program from a third-party developer platform, this tool gives you everything mentioned in the above list of features which makes it rank in no. 1 among top 3rd party tools for screen recording.

Ranked at #2 because it is not pre-installed in Windows 10. It all the features listed above like good video quality, link sharing, cloud sync, easy to use buttons, team management, unlimited length, unlimited no. of videos, 3rd party integration with Google Chrome and MicroSoft Teams as well. Too many features are there with free and unlimited no. of features in single Desktop app. App is available for Windows and MAC OS as well so you can use it anywhere, anytime as the app saves all the data in its cloud-based software system.

Download Berrycast for Desktop and signup with Coupon Code NAVEEN123 to get an additonal off on this amazing, affordable software program.

3. MicroSoft PowerPoint:

This is one of the most underrated software for screen recordings. Many professionals and teachers, and students use MicroSoft PowerPoint everyday but, only a few people know that it offers a good feature for screen recording as well. This tool is paid only and created/published by MS in MS Office software package. It is easiest, also provides the best quality video and also provides export/PPT integration options as well.

Where to find this feature in MS PowerPoint?

Open PowerPoint App>Open Insert Section>Click on Last Option in the List (i.e. Screen Recording).

4. APowerSoft Screen Recorder:

This app provides quality video which is quite presentable if you want to use it on YouTube, Presentations and on any tutorials as well. Colors are natural, no distortions and also come with affordable premium membership. Yes, for free users it has limits in time, quality and no. of videos but the quality it gives is unmatchable with the ones listed below. App is available for both Windows and MAC users.

5. OBS Studio

Most used comes with very streaming features too and is popular in every operating system like MAC, Windows, and Linux too. This comes with a free open-source license. And is used by gamers, streamers, tutors to record edit and publish videos on various digital platforms. I personally don’t like this app because of its unnatural default colors. But, you can setup/edit color according to your needs, also you can play with the resolution in this app. OBS Studio also comes up with very good editing features which makes it an overall fit for every kind of user.

It’s not simple enough to use as compared to other programs listed above. Else, it would have been better in this ranking list.

6. Nvidia Studio:

Nvidia Screen recording and streaming engine comes with Windows 10 and can screen record with very good quality. This app is totally free with Nvidia GPU laptops and can stream simultaneously while recording screen. Resolution and OS depends because of Apple MAC’s M1 silicon and custom GPUs but for Windows it’s one of the best recorders available till date.

7. Filmora Screen Recorder:

Filmora comes with plenty of apps offering video editing, screen recording with good effects and Chrome key etc. App with premium feature named “Wondershare DemoCreator” is the recording software offered by Filmora i.e. Wondershare Inc. It’s very cheap in price and comes with a maximum of no. of features among all mentioned in the list except cloud saving, link sharing and team roles etc.

8. TinyTake:

An average quality screen recording provider which comes with 5 minutes length for a video recording in free access. This tool is very easy to use and comes up with simple limited features so you’ll like its premium version as well. Export resolution is also decent. This app is available for Windows as well as for MAC users. There’s no availability for Linux/Unix users.

9. Bandicam:

It’s most affordable in the list with lifetime membership and updates. No. of users vary for paid plans but for free, you have limited access but provide good quality on free and paid plans too.

10. VSDC Screen Recorder:

This program is only available for Windows OS but provides free, average quality video. You can download it from its official website i.e. Download VSDC.

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What is MoveOS? Whats the purpose behind its development?

Its not revealed about MoveOS yet that on which programming languages its coded but, you’ll know about its features, purpose, and publishers for their own specific usage.

Why MoveOS Built?

MoveOS has been launched on 15 August/Independence Day by an Indian Electric scooter and online cabs tech giant OLA.

It’s not a OS which helps you connect some peripherals to your smartph9ne or internet but its an fully functional operatin system development in-house by OLA to run their most advanced electric scooter with smooth connection, advanced AI driven features and to control everything visually and even can make smart decisions.

What Are Some of the MoveOS Features Revealed by OLA Electric?

  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom dashboard
  • Android like smooth experience
  • Voice assistant wakes up with “Hey OLA”
  • Works with 4G Network
  • Auto Detects Your Presence with Help of Sensors
  • Smart Suggestions for Recharge, Alarms, Reminders
  • Helps You Controls Your Ola S1 AND S1 PRO From Smartphone
  • Pick Calls, Play Music with help of mobile like installed hardware and software
  • Apps for regular use
  • Manages moods and widgets smartly to drag and drop
  • Rising modes are easier than ever to access

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Information explained in this blog fetched from OLA’s recent electric scooter launch and From website so, get more information at the source to know more.

Unheard Google Features Explained – Try Now

Some paid plans from Google are also there just as Google One, Google Cloud etc.

We’ll discuss about other Google products like Pixel, Nexus, Home and more in my upcoming blog, hopefully.

Here we’ll learn about some non common Google Features comes from its search engine mainly.

Google’s Unique Search Engine Features are:

AR Animals for Mobile Devices:

If you are an Android User, you should this feature which allows you to get desired augmented reality animals in front of you by using your smartphone’s camera. So, you must be thing of “How to se augmented reality animals”?

Go to Google Mobile app or search engine in an mobile device and search for a “Horse”.
After searching for horse, you’ll get an information snippet where you can see a real horse standing in rich search snippet result. See below attached screenshot to see what exactly is being shown for mobile devices here.

Image source: Google

Click on “View in 3D” and now it will ask for your camera permissions and then you can see the Augmented horse inside your house.

Map Showing Insider Information(Fetched from website content):

Google in map results shows some additional information fetched from website data/text. When a query matches map result + website content, it shows additional data like shown in image with green colour.

Image source: Google

Number of Searches Per Result Page:

By default, Google search engine shows 10 results per page but there are some cases which makes changes in results shown for a user. Suppose, you are searching same query we used in above image i.e. Hire Xamarin developers, so results will be shown on the basis of your location, query match and your account logins.

So, how to change number of results per page on searching a query on Google Search Engine?

  • Search your query on Google
  • Click on Red marked “Search settings” option
Google Search settings
  • Choose number of results per page according to your need
Results per page
  • Save search setting from button given in bottom and now you’ll get upto 100 results per SERP.

Custom Search Location:

Change your main search location for that window in “Search Settings”. See attached image to have a look at search locations.

Source: Google

Chrome Extensions:

Google offers a chrome extension store for its users so that they can cannot miss features linked with other apps and also can have native app like experience on using Google Chrome Web Browser. Some recommended “Google Chrome Extensions” are Google Keep, Save to Google Drive, Google Analytics Opt-Out, GData Centres 1 Council Bluff, Google Tone, Google Hangouts, Google Similar Pages, Analytics Debugger, Password Alert and Tag Assistant Beta for GTM etc.

Google Passwords:

Google offers an autofill program for fast working on web browsers like Google, Edge and Firefox etc. Its offers a quick password manager which automatically collects passwords when you login an app on Chrome browser.
You can find all your saved passwords on Google’s portal which is Password Manager ( after logging in into your Google Account.

Visit Google Images and attach an image and then you’ll get similar content related to that image. Yes, its that simple for you to search data related to image just by pasting link or uploading an image on Google Images.

Google Translate

Its an mobile as well as a web app which is famous for translating any text into another language. You can even listen to the right pronunciation of the words in Google Translate. Some other search engines also have their own language translators for free of cost use such as Bing, Yahoo etc.

What other options are there in

1. Attach a text document and get it translated to another, desired language
2. Capture a photo of text in mobile app, upload it, extract text and get it translated to another language by using Google Translator only.

Google Currency Calculator:

On searching conversion for two desired currencies on Google, you can get a quick app like dashboard which shows all the data related to both currencies in table form. See attached screenshot for better understanding.

Source: Google

Chrome DevTools:

Chrome DevTools are one of the least used but important and unique Google feature which helps advertisers, developer and browsers developers etc.
There are number of tools available in Chrome DevTools which includes Inspect browser feature, quick edit previews etc. It helps web designers to quickly make changes to code without to test the design in preview without logging into website’s backend.

Google LightHouse:

Open a webpage on Google Chrome and press right click on mouse to get options from browser for that page.

  • Click on Inspect
  • You’ll se website’s coding along with options to change your dashboard from given options at the top bar(as shown in image).
Source: Google Chrome
  • Click to Last Option i.e. Lighhouse and now you’ll get a dashboard right there.
Source: Google Chrome
  • Now, you can do a check to your website’s performance for all important parameters such as SEO, SPEED, Accessibility, Responsiveness etc.

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Some Awesome Non-Android Operating Systems for Mobile

There are lot of mobile Operating systems to cover. Especially from Symbian, BlackBerry to Windows to Android to iOS.

We Indians usually opt for budget phones with some trending features to stay updated with technology which can be affordable, feature-rich, easy to use.

I personally love to explore some smartphones offering some exciting features like custom widgets, multiple camera modes, pro video shooting, UI based features etc. And I have found all these features in Android as well as in iOS.

But there are some Smartphone operating systems which are not quite famous as compared to some Non Andoid OS’s like Bada OS, Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS, MicroSoft Windows OS, iOS, Sailfish OS, WebOS, MeeGo and Tizen OS  etc.

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Mobile Operating Systems other than Android are:

  1. Bada OS: It had been launched by Samsung Electronics as one of competitor for Android with their full equipped Android like features. It could be one of the best available OS for mobiles till date but has faced a lot of issues due to competition on mobile markets. So, Samsung stopped using this OS in their smartphones. First smartphone Samsung has launched with BADA OS was Samsung Wave(Samsung S8500 Wave, Samsung Wave II). Later Bada OS was merged with Tizen OS which has its own app ecosystem just like Play store & App store.
  2. Symbian OS: An exceptional smartphone OS used by Nokia Corporation & Sony Ericsson for their mid-range before 4G smartphone series. It has been discontinued by Nokia & Symbian Ltd in the year of 2012. Here are some outstanding and trendsetter smartphones based on Symbian OS releases Nokia N Series, Nokia E Series, Nokia 808 Pureview, Sony Ericsson P990i, Nokia N Guage etc.
  3. BlackBerry OS: It wasn’t an Open source OS like all others in this list and had been used by BlackBerry Ltd(formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM) in their Qwerty & business smartphones. It has been shut down in the year 2013 with their last update release BlackBerry 9790/9900(Source-Wikipedia). The company bas been in fame for many years for making high quality smartphones with Blackberry OS & Android OS along with software’s they make such as Blackberry messenger, Launcher and Qwerty keypads etc.
  4. MicroSoft Windows OS: It was one worst fail in smartphone OS history till date but was a good smartphone OS. Windows Phone OS has been upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 then upgraded to Windows 10 within almost 6 years of time. First smartphone has been launched with Windows OS was with HTC then, with Samsung, Dell, Nokia & MicroSoft etc.
    We all know about performance, hardware and design segment of these smartphones and the idea behind this innovation with desktop like experience. Major reason behind the fail of these phones are Lack of app availability, Bad 3rd in-app experience, absence of Google services, price, Bad 3rd party app replacements, absence of smooth software along with Dark UI etc.
  5. iOS: Unlike the Cisco IOS, its an phone OS developed by Apple Inc. for their smartphone devices know as iPhone. Its one of the most used, trusted and bloatware-free smartphone OS with new trendsetter features in every update Apple offer to its users. Apple has also developed other Operating Systems derived from iOS i.e. iPadOS. Before iPadOS, they were using iOS for their almost every smartphone such as iPod and iPad devices. The reasons behind its popularity and success is its own app ecosystem, optimized features, quality hardware, security, extra premium designs and new advanced features with every update.

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  6. Tizen OS: It was a joint effort of Linux Foundation, MeeGo(A joint OS project by Intel & Nokia) & Samsung Electronics. It has been used primarily in smartphone devices for a short period of time. The idea behind this OS was to develop an OS which can be used on every type of devices such as wearables, TVs etc. Samsung merged their Bada OS with MeeGo for developing Tizen OS. It was way slower but capable of doing most of the tasks Android and iOS devices are doing these days.
  7. MeeGo OS: MeeGo was founded by Nokia and Intel corporation and researched for a short period of time. Some of their famous mobiles with MeeGo OS are Nokia N9 released early in the year of 2013. Being one of the best mobile UI/UX rich operating system, it was quite simple, attractive and high performing OS. You can feel some of its design similarities on using Samsung Galaxy smartphones which are taken from Tizen OS(Merged design from Bada & MeeGo.
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