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LinkedIn Podcast Network Launched in India

LinkedIn has launched a new way of connecting with professionals through audio/episodes in its recent launch called “LinkedIn Podcast Network“. Before this community feature, LinkedIn has offered great professional grade, minimal spammed features which kept LinkedIn social media engaged by employers, employees, job seekers, social media marketers and many more.

From job listing to courses to hiring to podcasting, now it’ became a complete suite after 2018 offered by LinkedIn to analyze, create, promote and track their content on the platform itself.

After getting a huge success in almost everything they’ve launched, now you guys will have access to the world’s one of the best speakers, entrepreneurs, self-improvement content creators on this podcasting platform which directly compete with Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Deezar etc.

LinkedIn also offers some good features for enthusiasts to create Newsletters, Sales Insights, Lead generations tools etc.

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What are Ghost Followers on Instagram?

The first thought everyone gets about Instagram after mentioning the name is number of followers, Images, short videos etc. So, why followers matter a lot these days because among of all 3 shared above, followers are a different kind of metric everything else is just a feature by Facebook owned social media Called “Instagram”.

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Why Followers Matter on Instagram?

As Instagram is one of the largest social media community growing at higher rate than other social medias like Pinterest, Dribble, Quora and Reddit.

Instagram has become a branding standard for professions like modelling, designing, artists, musicians and Actors too. These profiles show their portfolio of work, brand collaborations and brand endorsements etc.

Thats why everyone is looking for something which can get them followers in Millions.

What Are Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers are associated with ghost accounts which remain inactive and do not do any social media activity such as like, engagements, comments and sharing etc.

These accounts later used for increasing someone else’s followers and likes. Some peole even use ghost accounts for social media messaging, harassment video posting, scams etc.

Ghost followers are paid as well as free as you can search for free Instagram followers on Google and you’ll get tons of websites offering free followers to a specific number like 1-50. These platforms the .offer paid followers at some price so that you can get instant followers with almost no activity.

Where to find ghost followers?

Ghost Followers can be found on various follower provider websites and apps. These apps and websites are easily accessible to eveyone using internet these days. Just search for “increase Instagram follower” and you’ll get to see websites in SERP.

Advantages of Ghost Followers

When you pay someone online/offline and get followers in return, it will get you followers on your profile instantly, you can promote videos instead of increasing followers. You can get likes, shares and comments on your IG posts.

Disadvantages of Ghost Followers

Ghost followers come with a risk of losing what you just got without posting any unique, engaging content on your profile. The followers, likes, comments and mentions you got from shoutout providers can leave you behind anytime in any social media race. These followers just stay till Instagram or a social media detects its unusual activity on platforms to make it a illegal business.

How These Ghost Followers Affect A Social Media?

Ghost followers usually make a social media a bit toxic because an account with someone else’s name can do things like messaging, posting and commenting which can lead to a social riot these days. An account in wrong hands can do a lot more than we think. Many illegal and terrorist activities can happen on social media when it comes to handling those fake/no owner accounts.

What A Social Media Marketing Person Can Suggest?

Being an experienced social media user and marketing expert I, Naveen Bhatia suggest you not to use any auto-liker, auto-follower App because these apps use Instagram like login API to show you that their app is authorized one from Instagram and they then get access to your password with no difficulty. Then, they follow, like, comment with help of bots on others accounts just like you did for yours.

I even suggest you not to use any fake follower, secret profile admirer app which asks for your logins. Do not provide your account access to anyone because it can be harmful to you as well others.

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Some Newly Added Features on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in June 2020

There are some awesome small or big upgrades that has been made on major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc. You can ask or share your thoughts about your experience in learning with this article.

Top 5 Awesome Upgrades Social Media Has Done in 2020

  • YouTube Minimize Button on Desktop View: YouTube Website has added a feature to cancel or to minimize the full screen window while watching something on Desktop, MAC , PC. This feature is quite small but very helpful for someone who usually watch lot of videos on YouTube like social media.

  • Instagram Story Layout: It has been observed that Instagram has changed the whole story section. Now, story section has reduced number of options and some of them are minimized a bit. A few major feature like Create, Boomerang and Layout has been shown on sidebar with a small down-scroll option. On clicking this downscroll button, it will show you 2 more options known as Superzoom and Handsfree. This story layout is only available for mobile devices.

  • YouTube Comment Section Moved Below Description Box: The comment section of YouTube mobile app has been moved to top of the video playing screen as shown in image. This section has been situated just below the “Subscription Box“. One can click on comments to add and see all the comments present on the video.
  • Twitter Fleets: This is a new feature available on Twitter from now onwards. Its a story like some other platforms Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp. A Twitter fleet will remain available till 24 hours just like other stories on above mentioned platforms. This feature is currently on testing as shown in image and only available for mobile devices. Lets have a look in below shared image.
Twitter Fleets

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Top 5 Video Meeting Apps Indians Use for Corporate Meetings

We all know about some video meeting application we have in almost every operating system these days just like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Meetup etc. In other words, we can can understand it like meeting several teams remotely connecting to each other by web video conferencing.

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In this pandemic of Corona Virus this year(2020), people from corporate industry rely on working from home to stop spread of Covid-19 till date. So, every Indian has taken an pledge to stay by following Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Application Professionals Use In India For Video Meetings/Conferencing:

  1. Skype: Skype is a MicroSoft owned software allows professionals chat, voicemail, 5 video calling (simultaneous) and screen sharing like features. There are some more exceptional features of Skype included in its Premium Membership. Its one of the most used smartphone app used for official chat and for video calling. It also provides features like wireless hotspot network access.
  1. Zoom Meetings & Conferencing App: Being employees of corporate industries, people prefer using Zoom due to its availability and reliability. It allows almost unlimited number of participants to join meeting simultaneously.
    Some professional tools are also there in Zoom i.e. Remote Screen sharing, HD video and Audio calls.
  2. Google Meet: A major part of Google Suite, it is an extended version of Google Hangouts called “Google Hangouts Meet” and in short it is known as “Meet”. Some os its unique features are live captions, video meeting/conferencing between groups. It allows 250 participants to be in a meeting altogether and 100,000 viewers can watch the meeting at the same time.
  1. Microsoft Teams: Its one of the most used softwares in teams for online meeting these days. This application software comes with paid software package called MicroSoft Office 365 which inludes its most used document based softwares like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access & OneNote etc. It provides direct access to Outlook, Onedrive, Skype and SharePoint etc.
  1. Cisco WebEx: This application has been provided to its users by Global Hardware & Communication Tech Giant in the field Cisco. This application software allows people to use HD video conferencing along with Desktop sharing options. Being a platform independent application its one of the most used video conferencing software across globe.

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Some Must Use Video Editing Softwares for Vloggers

There are a number of video editing softwares available in market but when it comes to Vlog, Music videos and Cinematic shot editing, we have to choose different video editor for every purpose we want to edit on.

Some of the camera and action camera companies provide their own video editors like GoPro, Sony etc. But if you want your stuff to look more professional in videos, then this blog and information is for you.

List of some Professional Video Editing Softwares:

1. Adobe Premier Pro

This is one stop shop for all your video editing ideas because you can have all the cutting, voice over, Color grading etc . in one software which is provided by Abobe Systems. This software is available for all Mac and Windows pcs on paid version only. You can find templates created by people on internet to almost every time taking effect or technique because of its broad users.

2. Final Cut Pro

A Mac specific video editing software provided by Apple Inc. This softwares is a fully functional software which almost lies with Premiere pro but because its only limited to Apple Mac user people, people other than Mac can’t use it and even they don’t prefer it over Premiere pro.

3. Hitfilm Pro

This is just a film editing software with phenomenal effects used in movies like Dr. Strange, Iron Man etc. Its a paid version of software. There’s one more version free of cost i.e. Hitfilm Express. If you want something which can replace Adobe Premiere Pro then, this is the replacement by FXHome.

4. Adobe After Effects

Here in After effects, you can create text animations and other 3D animations of any quality resolutions you want. This is also a paid one from Adobe systems.

5. Wondershare Filmora

This is the one software, not heavy one like other but relatively very useful for YouTubers, TikToker etc. Due to its wide use in Asian countries, people prefer it using for multiple purpose. Its most easiest software than other in this list. It offer effect built within it you cannot created a effect for your own custom video.

On 4k video editing you’ll face a lag sometimes so please use PC with RAM above 8 GB for 4K video editing in all these softwares. Hope you’ve liked the information shared above. Share your thought in comment section below.

Watch my Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro & Wondershare Filmora:

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Because Samsung Galaxy smartphones has some extraordinary video editing feature like above shared professional video editing softwares.

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Top 5 Musical Social Medias Offering Automated Voice Mastering

If you’re thinking about the idea of apps like Smule, StarMaker etc. then you are right. Because these apps are in top list of mine on Voice mastering presets and also included in this blog. On these apps(except BandLab), you’ll just need an earphone with mic so that you can listen to music and sing with lyrics on it simultaneously.

Social Media Offering voice and music mastering effects are:

1. Smule

This app smule has been launched in 2008 by two tech specialist i.e. Jeff Smith and Stanford assistant professor Ge Wang. It was formerly known as Smule Sing but at present its name has been changed to Smule from Smule Sing.

It is an social music app where you can sing on karaoke music in duet, group and solo modes.

These Karaoke music is only available to users in duet mode but all the availability features are available in its VIP membership i.e. just within 200 INR. I’ve also uploaded my karaoke music(With Vip account) on it so that people can sing if they want.

You can upload your own music with lyrics so that people can sing it just like any other song after having an VIP Smule account.

Smule can be used in web as well as on mobile applications.

You can visit the link to have a look at my profile on Smule:

2. StarMaker

This app allows some features similar to Smule app but there’s something more included in this app to make improve its user engagement i.e. some features which should be in a social media “A timeline”.

A timeline is just like a news feed or profile page but it here you can post your singing videos which are not made with Starmaker app. You can upload any cover video.

In short, it allows you to sing in duet as well as in solo and provides all the lyrics and synchronized music just like Smule app. This is a mobile app only platform till date.

Have a look at my profile on StarMaker app: naveenbhatiamusic

3. BandLab

Its a software application for advanced music mastering (like a DAW) as compared to all the easy software shared above.

This is just more than a software because it offer you music presets, loops, Individual recording for all your channels like vocals, guitar, beats etc.

You can also share any of your music with people on BandLab which has been made and shared by you on YouTube.

You can create projects, add effects to make it creative and export a high quality track like some professional software with total custom work.

You’ll not be assisted like Smule and StarMaker here because its a pro software.

But its very cool music app just like FL Studio Mobile.

Additionally, its now offering Tipjar payments which means your fans can contribute to your for your work.

Have a look at my BandLab projects I did in till date:

4. AutoRap

This is only for rappers you’ll get beats and music you need to start rap.

This app has been launched by Smule with a name called “AutoRap by Smule”.

You can upload your own beats just like Smule on this app and you can invite people to join that beat pattern on yours.

5. Voloco

In comparison to all the above platforms, this is just different to the category because its more like an music app to record audio and video with some amazing effects that you’ll get paid on any other apps.

This is most simpler among all these and its like an normal camera app with effects shown on screen in it.

In Voloco, you can use default beats and music provided by the app itself to sing with.

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And please contribute any improvements needed in this information in comment section below. The information I’ve added into the blog is just my own opinion about every application/software. So, if you want to share corrections on this, just comment it below.

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Top 10 Ways to Create Innovative Videos at Home

If you are a video content producer or tech geek or making something different stuff for YouTube/Dailymotion then you already know that how important it is to use something unique and new in every new video to be in the market on millions of followers.

A video without a storyboard is like a house without a foundation.


You can loose thousands of followers in few hours if your stuff isn’t very effective, engaging, unique and new. Creating some sort of videos is not that creative if you’re not presenting it in some unique way.

Some trending video content creation ideas:

  1. Collage videos

I am not sure about the heading but the meaning of this heading will be clear to you as the image has showing us “Multiple Videos in 1 Frame at same time “. This allows you to do your work in a group or to show something more than usual.

Video Screenshot credits: Movavi Vlog

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  1. Dynamic video angles

If you are making your videos by using a mobile or a camera it is a good news for your just you have to spend some money on Gimbal (Mobile & Camera), video cranes & selfie sticks(Most cheaper), or you can use 2-3 camera from different angles at same time and you can pick shots from any camera while editing your video. In this type of video, you may need someones help to manage your camera or you can use remote controlling camera with your smartphone after placing it at desirable location.

Watch one of my previous music video to see how I did that:

  1. Green screen effect

As the name suggests, you have to place a green screen in the whole background and it will be replaced later at the time of editing into any video you want as your background. This is my personal favorite & changes its usefulness with every different stock footage you use for background.

Image Credits: Adobe Stock
  1. Color grading

This is the most basic feature of a video which needs to be implemented because it increases effectiveness of your video, makes it more cinematic with effects, you can use presets or filter as most of the software provide this commonly these days. It can also be provided by cameras as well as mobile system softwares or by third party apps like Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Filmora etc.

Check out this video, its includes a cinematic Lumetri presets on Adobe Premiere Pro CC or you can use any color correction features in your editing process.

  1. Merging video clips smoothly into 1 final video

Here comes the minor part where only your transition effect matters to make video playing smooth in flow. You can use any dissolve, 3D Motion, Immersive video, Slider & Zoom transition effects to merge your different short clip to each other.

Lets check this video of mine on YouTube where I’ve used Cross Dissolve Transition effect for 1:00 seconds.

  1. Using unique backgrounds

Choosing the right frame according to your video stuff is very important because its not only you which want to show in your frame. More professionally, you have to minimize number of non relevant objects out of your frame and use some of the objects which can make your video cool.

Below embedded YouTube video shows it perfectly because I’ve minimized number of objects in my frame.

  1. Use familiar stuff in new, unique way

This is personal my favorite because it had challenged me on every step those days. A lot of people create short music videos this way “Mobile or any small camera Inside a Guitar Body” while playing it along with singing at the same time. Search everywhere for something new but with no harms to any living or dead.

  1. People love trying new and being inspired

Provide some right topic with an objective to your audience because its the thing which makes you different from your competitors. Find something now & inspire your viewers!

  1. Tell your audience about your previously used techniques

Just like I have added almost every technique which can help you make something cooler than before. This is not what I’ve read somewhere from other bloggers/creators, instead this is my own experience(almost every point) & techniques I’ve been using till date.

  1. Your target audience is everywhere

Don’t forget that people can see you anywhere on internet so better be aware of which content should be posted. Don’t worry, you just need to do your professional creator mode “on” most of the time while using your professional social accounts.

Where, When & How”

I hope you like this information I’ve shared above in 10 points. Let me know if there are topics related to this or you want to contribute something in this topic in comment section below.

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How Musicians Use Quora for Promotions

As we know that Quora is one of the most user engaging social media platform these days. Quora itself is a social media platform having Spaces, Topics & Ads along with all the users looking for answers for their doubts & questions.

Most of the Quora users are Businesses, students, corporate people who want to know their answers and some of them are there for promotions.

For musicians specifically, Quora is the most useful platform even it is not a music specific social media, because,

  • Quora has a large audience.
  • It has its own ads manager
  • Open discussions
  • Quora Spaces
  • Trending Topics
  • Challenges
  • Messenger within it
  • Quora Partners Program to Earn Money

Image Source: Quora Ads

The ways musician use on Quora for promotions.

  1. Musicians Create profiles where they provide their promotional links in between their BIO Text.
  2. Musicians answer question and post relevant answer along with promotion(relavant) links.
  3. YouTubers are pasting videos directly from YouTube links which Quora automatically embeds into a Video Frame and plays videos directly from YouTube.
  4. People ask questions, where they can add text for query & link related to it. First of all, they ask question with link(1 per question) and then invite 25(Maximum) people who have answered in same category.
  5. Quora Advertisements, its an high impressions and click oriented ad manager program by Quora which performs according to your needs and ad optimization score.

Additionally, here are the overview of basic Quora Ad Cost:

How Much Quora Ads Cost?

Clicks (CPC) – Optimize your ad delivery for traffic to your website or landing page. The minimum bid for a click is $0.01.
Impressions (CPM) – Optimize your ad delivery to show your ad to as many people as possible. The minimum bid for a click is $0.20.
Conversions (target CPA) – Optimize your ad delivery for conversions. In order to optimize for conversions, you must have the Quora Pixel installed. It’s recommended that advertisers have a minimum of 20 conversions per week.

If there’s anything you want to suggest , drop below in comment section or you can directly contact . And if you on Quora currently, and use it for doubts related to music and Digital Markerting purpose? Do follow me Quora Here: Naveen Bhatia Music Quora Profile.

Quora Ads VS TikTok Ads, Whats The Difference?

As we know that both platforms are well established social media platforms with different audience & niche. TikTok & Quora enbaled advertising ways to promote business online on its social media platforms because they have a variety & wide range of audience.

Tik Tok Advertsing

TikTok Advertising:

It has launched ads platform in India in recent months, but offers entertainment purpose ads where you can promote business or products for a short video loving audience. People on TikTok will directly be redirected to your landing page when they swipe the video ad up just like Instagram story ads.

Quora Ads Marketing

Quora Advertsing:

On the other hand, Quora has its own forum/QA type social media audience base where you can post only search or banner ads maybe. You can show your ads as a business, not as an individual.

They have their Quora Marketing manager DASHBOARD just like Facebook & Google Ads dashboards which are most famous video & follower ads.

And, on Quora people earn money with help of impressions & clicks on your asked questions if you area Quora Partner account.

Tik Tok offer a specific kind of audience which comes into play between 12 – 42 year. Whereas, Quora has audience like writers, discussion related audience which includes people where age ranges from 10 -55 years.