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What is Looker Studio?

Data Studio has been integrated into Looker by Google and is now known as Looker Studio. According to Google, the platform will now have more functionality and analytics tools available.

A more cohesive analytics ecosystem will be created through new connectors between Looker and the Google BI services Data Studio and Connected Sheets.

Google said “Looker Studio has replaced Data Studio. With the help of our comprehensive enterprise business intelligence suite, we will assist you in moving beyond dashboards and integrating the intelligence required to support data-driven decision-making into your workflows and applications.”

Your data is transformed by Looker Studio into completely customisable, educational reports and dashboards that are simple to read and distribute. Looker is a platform for big data analytics and business intelligence that makes it simple to explore, examine, and share real-time business insights.

Users will be able to apply the Looker modeling layer to combine data sources thanks to Looker Studio’s new support for data models from Looker.

It’s not fair to compare Data Studio to Looker apples to apples, although Looker has several distinct advantages.

Do Alag Dhaam Dekho Huye Siya Ram Lyrics- Sonu Nigam, Ramyug MX Player

Thanks for visiting this blog. I’ve seen the same web series for which thy have created tremendous melodies like “Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Siya Ram”. This devotional song is a one of the major part of MX Player’s latest hindi web series “RAMYUG” created by Kunal Kohli(Bollywood director). This song has been sung by one of the greatest Bollywood music maestro “Sonu Nigam”, who is outshining Indian music across the globe with his voice, humanity and gestures of love and respect. I hope you will learn these lyrics and find it helpful for yourself. Don’t forget to leave comments below to support my blog. Subscribe this blog for latest Indian music and artistic knowledge.

Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Jai Siya Ram Lyrics:-

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam


Ram ik vachan hai, to Siya ik nirwah hai
Saat janam aise mehke, jaise vachano ka vyaah hai,

Jag poojega baar baar.

Cores again:

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog, I would love to have your comments below. Let me know about other topics you me to write with insights.

Din Dhalay Sham Lyrics and Video Tutorial Bayaan-Naveen Bhatia

These lyrics have been fetched from one of favorite Pakistani band i.e. Bayaan. They have created melodies which helps me feel the touch of classical music, ghazals and meaningful lyrics with best compositions which can only be made by people like them. So, cheer up for Bayaan and let me know about your views on the song and lyrics in comments below!

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Din Dhalay Shaam Lyrics by Baayan

Roz o shab
Rangon ki
Khoj mein rahay,
Har lamha
Yaadon ki
Mauj mein bahay,

Kal tha kya
Kya hoga
Uljhay huay siray,
Har din iss
Sooli ki
Bheint kyun charhay,

Hmmm… yeh dhunn kya kahey
Hmmm… har aah mein jo bajay

Hoshon pe chaaya
Sochon ka saaya
Gharq fikr mein hai munn saara,
Hosh bhi kum kum
Saansein bhi beydum
Umr naa-tamaam ho,

Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho

Verse 1

Chubhti hain
Pairon mein
Sheeshay ki kirchian
Toota tha
Kya ghar mein
Kabhi koi aaina
Paaya jo
Chahat thi
Kho gaya main kahan
Najanay kab rootha
Mujhe se mera khuda
Baitha dil andar
Kaala saaya sa
Ghar fikr mein hai munn saara
Hosh bhi kum kum
Saansein bhi beydum
Beykhudi ka jaam ho


Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho

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Most Used 10 Indian Raag in Bollywood Songs till Now

Raag’s has served Hindustani classical/Karnataka music & as well as in even bollywood music . We know that music theory applies to each and every melody, song, music, pattern & beat but we don’t know how to find root for these all listed above.

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So, this blog is all about Raags which has helped creators to create some evergreen & natural music melodies by mixing these with other ones (Fusion) or by using these in natural ( Sudh) raag form.

Here’s a list of popular Ragas in Bollywood Music Till Date:

  1. Raag Bhairavi : One of the most powerful & loved raag in every community in the world is Raag Bhariavi.
  2. Raag Bhupali : Most important & taught to every learner in beginner phase.
  3. Raag Yaman Kalyan: First Raag to be taught and it also has some effects similar to Raag Yaman Kalyan.
  4. Raag Bhairav: Most used in every language & has variety of Bandish (lyrics) available.
  5. Raag Bilawal: Based on Vishnu Dev & taught in beginner learning phase.
  6. Raag Alahya Bilawal: This Raag has some similar notes included as Raag Bilawal.
  7. Raag Bhairav: Its importance can be judged by its popularity.
  8. Raag Pahadi : Not sure about it till now, will update soon.
  9. Raag Yaman : This raag has been used most in music created in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies.
  10. Raag Ahi Bhairav: Popular song “Albela Sajan” has been based on the same Raag Ahi Bhairav.

Comment below if you got any suggestions and improvements to this blog. Have a musical day ahead!

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Most Decorated Music Maestro of Indian Classical Music

We all know about the present-day musician, singers, dancers and artists who has their own specific category to represent but in Indian music history, but when it comes to the legends and people who has taken Indian Classical Genres into next level then, only a few of the names come into our mind i.e. Some of the historical musical legends who has created music with Prakiriti, Samay, Raagas and Prahar, Thaath, Bandish etc.

These legends have created music for vocal, invented instruments and some evergreen composition which people use till these days in their music production in Bollywood and Indian entertainment industry.

Four out of below share 5 names were raised in the (Time) Kingdom of Mughal Emperor Jalaludeen Muhammad Akbar, who had one of the finest music sense and respect for musicians and artists those days.

Below here, I’ll try to take you a short trip about 15 minutes to feel and understand their story, struggle, sacrifice, respect and love for Hindustani & Caranatik Sangeet.

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A few names comes into our mind. I’ll try to rank them in this blog according to my knowledge and some old research of mine.

Here’s the list and information of Bhartiya Sangeet Shastra Gyaani’s:

1. Swami Haridas:

He was one of the most decorated Indian Classical music masters taught by Father of Carnatik music Sri Purandara Dasa. He has taught other music Ustads like Tansen, Baiju Bawra etc. At the time of emproper Akbar’s kingdom, he has done many performances in his Kutia(A place far away from city situated in a forest & made up of Grass to live like a home). He was one of most reputed Indian music celebs but he only worked for music like a trusted resource. He believes in Prahar, Thath, Lay and Raagas and only performs his music when it is meant to be done according to ancient music beliefs. He never serves any King & Emperors in any fear or for money. He lived in a forest with couple of his students and was one of the strictest music teachers that time. He denied to perform for Mughal Akbar, but after this happened Akbar has to change his looks to a civilian so that he can listen to Swami Haridasa in His Kutia at Forest area.

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2. Baiju Bawra

Being a student of Swami Haridasa like Tansen. He also served the era of Akbar’s kingdom with his music. People believe that in Akbar’s court, he has defeated Tansen in some Raaga and Taal jugalbandi. He was a legend in his music.

3. Miyan Tansen

He was the most famous Indian classical music celebrity of the time till current days. He has served with his music to 2 different kingdoms that time. (1) Raja Ramchandra Singh and (2) Mugham Emperor Jalal-Udin-Mohammad Akbar. He has improvised Indian classical music and created some evergreen music compositions like Dhrupad, Raagas like Yaman and Alahya Bilabal etc.

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4. Ameer Khusrow

Also known as “Amir Khusrow”, was a poet and a sufi(Genre) musician. He has contributed us many instruments which we currently use in other forms for example Dholak, Tabla etc. He has also served world with new Genre called “Qawalli”. Some of his compositions are Ghazals (A soft Indian music with meaningful lyrics) and most of it was based on Hindi-Urdu languages.

5. Purandara Das

He was a well-known devotee to Lord Krishna like Surdas & was a one of the most talented composers, producer of music at that Era. He himself has created so many songs in Carnatik Classical music and had used historical languages i.e. Sanskrit. Being a devotional classical singer, he contributed us with Raagas like Mayamalavagowla etc.

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6. Surdas:

He was a blind person with some extraordinary vision of feeling music and other things with his senses. Being a famous historical Indian Writer, Poet, Musician & Singer of 16th century, he has contributed to Indian music with music of his content based on God Krishna Ji. He was mainly focussed on Braj Bhasha (Language people use in Mathura & Gokul i.e. Lord Krishna’s Birthplace). On Wikipedia, his birthplace is mentioned near Delhi.

Reference to some of the historical information is & Sangeet Shastra (Indian Religious Book Based on Music)

You can write your thoughts below in comments. The information shared here is based on some beliefs and history of Indian music additionally on my research on web, this blog doesn’t claim to provide the truth of everything added in blog. Our best practice is to provide a brief about the topic only.

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Top 5 Musical Social Medias Offering Automated Voice Mastering

If you’re thinking about the idea of apps like Smule, StarMaker etc. then you are right. Because these apps are in top list of mine on Voice mastering presets and also included in this blog. On these apps(except BandLab), you’ll just need an earphone with mic so that you can listen to music and sing with lyrics on it simultaneously.

Social Media Offering voice and music mastering effects are:

1. Smule

This app smule has been launched in 2008 by two tech specialist i.e. Jeff Smith and Stanford assistant professor Ge Wang. It was formerly known as Smule Sing but at present its name has been changed to Smule from Smule Sing.

It is an social music app where you can sing on karaoke music in duet, group and solo modes.

These Karaoke music is only available to users in duet mode but all the availability features are available in its VIP membership i.e. just within 200 INR. I’ve also uploaded my karaoke music(With Vip account) on it so that people can sing if they want.

You can upload your own music with lyrics so that people can sing it just like any other song after having an VIP Smule account.

Smule can be used in web as well as on mobile applications.

You can visit the link to have a look at my profile on Smule:

2. StarMaker

This app allows some features similar to Smule app but there’s something more included in this app to make improve its user engagement i.e. some features which should be in a social media “A timeline”.

A timeline is just like a news feed or profile page but it here you can post your singing videos which are not made with Starmaker app. You can upload any cover video.

In short, it allows you to sing in duet as well as in solo and provides all the lyrics and synchronized music just like Smule app. This is a mobile app only platform till date.

Have a look at my profile on StarMaker app: naveenbhatiamusic

3. BandLab

Its a software application for advanced music mastering (like a DAW) as compared to all the easy software shared above.

This is just more than a software because it offer you music presets, loops, Individual recording for all your channels like vocals, guitar, beats etc.

You can also share any of your music with people on BandLab which has been made and shared by you on YouTube.

You can create projects, add effects to make it creative and export a high quality track like some professional software with total custom work.

You’ll not be assisted like Smule and StarMaker here because its a pro software.

But its very cool music app just like FL Studio Mobile.

Additionally, its now offering Tipjar payments which means your fans can contribute to your for your work.

Have a look at my BandLab projects I did in till date:

4. AutoRap

This is only for rappers you’ll get beats and music you need to start rap.

This app has been launched by Smule with a name called “AutoRap by Smule”.

You can upload your own beats just like Smule on this app and you can invite people to join that beat pattern on yours.

5. Voloco

In comparison to all the above platforms, this is just different to the category because its more like an music app to record audio and video with some amazing effects that you’ll get paid on any other apps.

This is most simpler among all these and its like an normal camera app with effects shown on screen in it.

In Voloco, you can use default beats and music provided by the app itself to sing with.

Thanks for reading this blog, you can share tour thoughts and follow this blog with your email on follow button provided at footer section of website.

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And please contribute any improvements needed in this information in comment section below. The information I’ve added into the blog is just my own opinion about every application/software. So, if you want to share corrections on this, just comment it below.

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Top 10 Active Himachali Singers & Songs Of 2020

Hi everyone, this blog is all about musicians who are well established & unique by their styles in music in the Indian State “Himachal Pradesh”. This blog does not intend to any claim according to any survey. These are ranked according some music specialists we know from Himachal Pradesh music industry.

List of top 10 vocalists in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Mohit Chauhan: Majorly works in bollywood music and live concerts but he has contributed some evergreen Himachali medlodies like “Amma Puchadi” & “Maye ni meriye” etc.
  1. Karnail Rana: Majorly worked on some pahadi original music & fold pahadi music in Himachal Pradesh music industry.
  1. Naveen Bhatia: Majorly a YouTuber who makes his own songs, covers of bollywood & singles of pop kind and is a public figure only.
  1. Hansraj Raghuvanshi: Majorly works in Himachali traditional songs like bhole etc. He has contributed some of old remakes based on religious origins.
  1. Lvy Anshu: He is a producer, singer and songwriter from Kangra Himachal Pradesh. He has created some legendary songs in Punjabi, Hindi & Pahadi.
  1. Dheeraj Kumar: He has done some old music based on Pahadi from Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Sher Singh: He has contributed some good songs like “Kunjua” with female singer Chanchlo.
  3. Sunil Rana: He has contributed pahadi music with some of his hit albums like Pratha, Parampara, Nakti etc.
  4. Piyush Raj Kumar: Piyush Raj has served the state with songs like thandi hawa chuldi etc.
  5. Rumeel Singh: He has created some songs which went viral as nati songs like “khinnua”.

Leave you thoughts below in comment section. And follow me on Twitter for more updates.