What is MoveOS? Whats the purpose behind its development?

Its not revealed about MoveOS yet that on which programming languages its coded but, you’ll know about its features, purpose, and publishers for their own specific usage.

Why MoveOS Built?

MoveOS has been launched on 15 August/Independence Day by an Indian Electric scooter and online cabs tech giant OLA.

It’s not a OS which helps you connect some peripherals to your smartph9ne or internet but its an fully functional operatin system development in-house by OLA to run their most advanced electric scooter with smooth connection, advanced AI driven features and to control everything visually and even can make smart decisions.

What Are Some of the MoveOS Features Revealed by OLA Electric?

  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom dashboard
  • Android like smooth experience
  • Voice assistant wakes up with “Hey OLA”
  • Works with 4G Network
  • Auto Detects Your Presence with Help of Sensors
  • Smart Suggestions for Recharge, Alarms, Reminders
  • Helps You Controls Your Ola S1 AND S1 PRO From Smartphone
  • Pick Calls, Play Music with help of mobile like installed hardware and software
  • Apps for regular use
  • Manages moods and widgets smartly to drag and drop
  • Rising modes are easier than ever to access

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Information explained in this blog fetched from OLA’s recent electric scooter launch and From http://www.olaelectric.com website so, get more information at the source to know more.

Unheard Google Features Explained – A Secret

Some paid plans from Google are also there just as Google One, Google Cloud etc.

We’ll discuss about other Google products like Pixel, Nexus, Home and more in my upcoming blog, hopefully.

Here we’ll learn about some non common Google Features comes from its search engine mainly.

Google’s Unique Search Engine Features are:

AR Animals for Mobile Devices:

If you are an Android User, you should this feature which allows you to get desired augmented reality animals in front of you by using your smartphone’s camera. So, you must be thing of “How to se augmented reality animals”?

Go to Google Mobile app or search engine in an mobile device and search for a “Horse”.
After searching for horse, you’ll get an information snippet where you can see a real horse standing in rich search snippet result. See below attached screenshot to see what exactly is being shown for mobile devices here.

Image source: Google

Click on “View in 3D” and now it will ask for your camera permissions and then you can see the Augmented horse inside your house.

Map Showing Insider Information(Fetched from website content):

Google in map results shows some additional information fetched from website data/text. When a query matches map result + website content, it shows additional data like shown in image with green colour.

Image source: Google

Number of Searches Per Result Page:

By default, Google search engine shows 10 results per page but there are some cases which makes changes in results shown for a user. Suppose, you are searching same query we used in above image i.e. Hire Xamarin developers, so results will be shown on the basis of your location, query match and your account logins.

So, how to change number of results per page on searching a query on Google Search Engine?

  • Search your query on Google
  • Click on Red marked “Search settings” option
Google Search settings
  • Choose number of results per page according to your need
Results per page
  • Save search setting from button given in bottom and now you’ll get upto 100 results per SERP.

Custom Search Location:

Change your main search location for that window in “Search Settings”. See attached image to have a look at search locations.

Source: Google

Chrome Extensions:

Google offers a chrome extension store for its users so that they can cannot miss features linked with other apps and also can have native app like experience on using Google Chrome Web Browser. Some recommended “Google Chrome Extensions” are Google Keep, Save to Google Drive, Google Analytics Opt-Out, GData Centres 1 Council Bluff, Google Tone, Google Hangouts, Google Similar Pages, Analytics Debugger, Password Alert and Tag Assistant Beta for GTM etc.

Google Passwords:

Google offers an autofill program for fast working on web browsers like Google, Edge and Firefox etc. Its offers a quick password manager which automatically collects passwords when you login an app on Chrome browser.
You can find all your saved passwords on Google’s portal which is Password Manager (google.com) after logging in into your Google Account.

Google Image Search

Visit Google Images and attach an image and then you’ll get similar content related to that image. Yes, its that simple for you to search data related to image just by pasting link or uploading an image on Google Images.

Google Translate

Its an mobile as well as a web app which is famous for translating any text into another language. You can even listen to the right pronunciation of the words in Google Translate. Some other search engines also have their own language translators for free of cost use such as Bing, Yahoo etc.

What other options are there in Translate.google.com?

1. Attach a text document and get it translated to another, desired language
2. Capture a photo of text in mobile app, upload it, extract text and get it translated to another language by using Google Translator only.

Google Currency Calculator:

On searching conversion for two desired currencies on Google, you can get a quick app like dashboard which shows all the data related to both currencies in table form. See attached screenshot for better understanding.

Source: Google

Chrome DevTools:

Chrome DevTools are one of the least used but important and unique Google feature which helps advertisers, developer and browsers developers etc.
There are number of tools available in Chrome DevTools which includes Inspect browser feature, quick edit previews etc. It helps web designers to quickly make changes to code without to test the design in preview without logging into website’s backend.

Google LightHouse:

Open a webpage on Google Chrome and press right click on mouse to get options from browser for that page.

  • Click on Inspect
  • You’ll se website’s coding along with options to change your dashboard from given options at the top bar(as shown in image).
Source: Google Chrome
  • Click to Last Option i.e. Lighhouse and now you’ll get a dashboard right there.
Source: Google Chrome
  • Now, you can do a check to your website’s performance for all important parameters such as SEO, SPEED, Accessibility, Responsiveness etc.

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Do Alag Dhaam Dekho Huye Siya Ram Lyrics- Sonu Nigam, Ramyug MX Player

Thanks for visiting this blog. I’ve seen the same web series for which thy have created tremendous melodies like “Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Siya Ram”. This devotional song is a one of the major part of MX Player’s latest hindi web series “RAMYUG” created by Kunal Kohli(Bollywood director). This song has been sung by one of the greatest Bollywood music maestro “Sonu Nigam”, who is outshining Indian music across the globe with his voice, humanity and gestures of love and respect. I hope you will learn these lyrics and find it helpful for yourself. Don’t forget to leave comments below to support my blog. Subscribe this blog for latest Indian music and artistic knowledge.

Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Jai Siya Ram Lyrics:-

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam


Ram ik vachan hai, to Siya ik nirwah hai
Saat janam aise mehke, jaise vachano ka vyaah hai,

Jag poojega baar baar.

Cores again:

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam

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What are Ghost Followers on Instagram?

The first thought everyone gets about Instagram after mentioning the name is number of followers, Images, short videos etc. So, why followers matter a lot these days because among of all 3 shared above, followers are a different kind of metric everything else is just a feature by Facebook owned social media Called “Instagram”.

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Why Followers Matter on Instagram?

As Instagram is one of the largest social media community growing at higher rate than other social medias like Pinterest, Dribble, Quora and Reddit.

Instagram has become a branding standard for professions like modelling, designing, artists, musicians and Actors too. These profiles show their portfolio of work, brand collaborations and brand endorsements etc.

Thats why everyone is looking for something which can get them followers in Millions.

What Are Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers are associated with ghost accounts which remain inactive and do not do any social media activity such as like, engagements, comments and sharing etc.

These accounts later used for increasing someone else’s followers and likes. Some peole even use ghost accounts for social media messaging, harassment video posting, scams etc.

Ghost followers are paid as well as free as you can search for free Instagram followers on Google and you’ll get tons of websites offering free followers to a specific number like 1-50. These platforms the .offer paid followers at some price so that you can get instant followers with almost no activity.

Where to find ghost followers?

Ghost Followers can be found on various follower provider websites and apps. These apps and websites are easily accessible to eveyone using internet these days. Just search for “increase Instagram follower” and you’ll get to see websites in SERP.

Advantages of Ghost Followers

When you pay someone online/offline and get followers in return, it will get you followers on your profile instantly, you can promote videos instead of increasing followers. You can get likes, shares and comments on your IG posts.

Disadvantages of Ghost Followers

Ghost followers come with a risk of losing what you just got without posting any unique, engaging content on your profile. The followers, likes, comments and mentions you got from shoutout providers can leave you behind anytime in any social media race. These followers just stay till Instagram or a social media detects its unusual activity on platforms to make it a illegal business.

How These Ghost Followers Affect A Social Media?

Ghost followers usually make a social media a bit toxic because an account with someone else’s name can do things like messaging, posting and commenting which can lead to a social riot these days. An account in wrong hands can do a lot more than we think. Many illegal and terrorist activities can happen on social media when it comes to handling those fake/no owner accounts.

What A Social Media Marketing Person Can Suggest?

Being an experienced social media user and marketing expert I, Naveen Bhatia suggest you not to use any auto-liker, auto-follower App because these apps use Instagram like login API to show you that their app is authorized one from Instagram and they then get access to your password with no difficulty. Then, they follow, like, comment with help of bots on others accounts just like you did for yours.

I even suggest you not to use any fake follower, secret profile admirer app which asks for your logins. Do not provide your account access to anyone because it can be harmful to you as well others.

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NeoBux and Advertising – Earn Money with Paid to Click Ads

As Paid to Click are very common in non Asian countries now so, it demands the introductions and options for PTC enthusiasts who are looing to earn money at home just by using their personal computers and MAC web browser. There are many options to earn money through PTC but before that lets learn a bit about Paid to Click first.

What is Paid to Click model?

Its as simple as Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click ads. Paid to click is a online business model that gets most of its traffic from people interested in earning money from home. PTC itself earns online traffic from websites who want promotions with help of advertisers and after that, these ads will be shown to consumers like us. Which simply means, Advertisers show ads on PTC websites and then PTC websites show those ads to consumers.

NeoBux – A Paid to Click Business Model

If your question is about NeoBux then, you are right place to get answers to all your queries related to NeoBux. NeoBux is an Paid to click service provider website for desktop or PC users only till date. They offer paid to click services to advertisers from all over the world so that advertisers will get promotions/clicks to their link from NeoBux and it will be affordable too for them to advertise on Neobux.

There are two parties involved in Paid to Click models:

1. Advertiser

2. Viewer

Advertisers place their ads on websites offering Paid to click campaigns just like NeoBux. These websites offer them to place ads on their website on multiple pages. Its more like a Affiliate marketing practice for a Layman, but its targeting can be similar zed with Google Ads, AdRoll and Amazon ads.

A viewer simply click on ads to earn money because website only count your view after properly opening the ads they are running on website. You an read website’s guidelines to know more in details if you want to earn money this way.

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What else they offer on NeoBux?

NeoBux Forums:

These forums are created to improve customer experience on NeoBux website just by providing them a platform where they can ask queries, have active discussions with each other regarding their earnings, experiences and doubts in NeoBux Paid to click process.

What Are Some other Paid to Click platforms?

There are several platforms like NeoBux who fall under the same category where people can earn money in form of cryptocurrencies, USD etc.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Buxp
  3. Gptplanet
  4. Scarlet-Clicks
  5. Clixblue
  6. Buxvertise
  7. Expresspaid
  8. Goldenclix
  9. EldiBux

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Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs for Prem’s Theme (Dum Laga Ke Haisha)

We’ve seen how good it feels to listen this track from movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha”. But this track can express a lot more through its purity, classical vocals, chord progression and music style. This song includes fingerstyle guitar, Papons Alaap’s, and tons of emotions of makers like Anu Malik, Papon and YRF.

Watch full Video Tutorial on YouTube:

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Below shared are the written tabs for Prem Theme Original scale on Guitar:

Put a capo on 5th Fret of Guitar, now:

Open Asus Shape->

Open E Major Shape

B Major Shape

Open D Major Chord

A Major

Right Hand Fingerstyle Pattern Is:

Thumb DownStroke ->5th string

Index UpStroke-> 4th String

Ring Upstroke-> 2nd String

Middle Upstroke-> 3rd String

Index Upstroke Again-> 4th String

Line to Line Composition in Shared Below:-

(De re Ra, Da re ra re re ra ra….

Asus(2 times) E Major(2)

De re rara rara..ra ra re…)×2

B major(1) E Major(1) Asus(2)

Da re ra, ra rara rara ra rera ra..ra re

Asus(2) E Major(2)

Da re re ra ra rara…da ra..raaaa

B major(1) E Major(1) Asus(2)

repeat again….


Da ra rara rara da ra ra re re ra,

A major( 2 times) E Major(2 times)

Da ra rara rara Da rara re da rere ra..

A major( 2 times)         E Major(2 times)

Da rara ra ra ra….Re…..Daaa na re ra …..

E (2 times) D(2) B(1) D(2) Asus

Start from beginning again now!

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Din Dhalay Sham Lyrics and Video Tutorial Bayaan-Naveen Bhatia

These lyrics have been fetched from one of favorite Pakistani band i.e. Bayaan. They have created melodies which helps me feel the touch of classical music, ghazals and meaningful lyrics with best compositions which can only be made by people like them. So, cheer up for Bayaan and let me know about your views on the song and lyrics in comments below!

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Din Dhalay Shaam Lyrics by Baayan

Roz o shab
Rangon ki
Khoj mein rahay,
Har lamha
Yaadon ki
Mauj mein bahay,

Kal tha kya
Kya hoga
Uljhay huay siray,
Har din iss
Sooli ki
Bheint kyun charhay,

Hmmm… yeh dhunn kya kahey
Hmmm… har aah mein jo bajay

Hoshon pe chaaya
Sochon ka saaya
Gharq fikr mein hai munn saara,
Hosh bhi kum kum
Saansein bhi beydum
Umr naa-tamaam ho,

Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho

Verse 1

Chubhti hain
Pairon mein
Sheeshay ki kirchian
Toota tha
Kya ghar mein
Kabhi koi aaina
Paaya jo
Chahat thi
Kho gaya main kahan
Najanay kab rootha
Mujhe se mera khuda
Baitha dil andar
Kaala saaya sa
Ghar fikr mein hai munn saara
Hosh bhi kum kum
Saansein bhi beydum
Beykhudi ka jaam ho


Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho

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Some Awesome Non-Android Operating Systems for Mobile

There are lot of mobile Operating systems to cover. Especially from Symbian, BlackBerry to Windows to Android to iOS.

We Indians usually opt for budget phones with some trending features to stay updated with technology which can be affordable, feature-rich, easy to use.

I personally love to explore some smartphones offering some exciting features like custom widgets, multiple camera modes, pro video shooting, UI based features etc. And I have found all these features in Android as well as in iOS.

But there are some Smartphone operating systems which are not quite famous as compared to some Non Andoid OS’s like Bada OS, Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS, MicroSoft Windows OS, iOS, Sailfish OS, WebOS, MeeGo and Tizen OS  etc.

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Mobile Operating Systems other than Android are:

  1. Bada OS: It had been launched by Samsung Electronics as one of competitor for Android with their full equipped Android like features. It could be one of the best available OS for mobiles till date but has faced a lot of issues due to competition on mobile markets. So, Samsung stopped using this OS in their smartphones. First smartphone Samsung has launched with BADA OS was Samsung Wave(Samsung S8500 Wave, Samsung Wave II). Later Bada OS was merged with Tizen OS which has its own app ecosystem just like Play store & App store.
  2. Symbian OS: An exceptional smartphone OS used by Nokia Corporation & Sony Ericsson for their mid-range before 4G smartphone series. It has been discontinued by Nokia & Symbian Ltd in the year of 2012. Here are some outstanding and trendsetter smartphones based on Symbian OS releases Nokia N Series, Nokia E Series, Nokia 808 Pureview, Sony Ericsson P990i, Nokia N Guage etc.
  3. BlackBerry OS: It wasn’t an Open source OS like all others in this list and had been used by BlackBerry Ltd(formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM) in their Qwerty & business smartphones. It has been shut down in the year 2013 with their last update release BlackBerry 9790/9900(Source-Wikipedia). The company bas been in fame for many years for making high quality smartphones with Blackberry OS & Android OS along with software’s they make such as Blackberry messenger, Launcher and Qwerty keypads etc.
  4. MicroSoft Windows OS: It was one worst fail in smartphone OS history till date but was a good smartphone OS. Windows Phone OS has been upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 then upgraded to Windows 10 within almost 6 years of time. First smartphone has been launched with Windows OS was with HTC then, with Samsung, Dell, Nokia & MicroSoft etc.
    We all know about performance, hardware and design segment of these smartphones and the idea behind this innovation with desktop like experience. Major reason behind the fail of these phones are Lack of app availability, Bad 3rd in-app experience, absence of Google services, price, Bad 3rd party app replacements, absence of smooth software along with Dark UI etc.
  5. iOS: Unlike the Cisco IOS, its an phone OS developed by Apple Inc. for their smartphone devices know as iPhone. Its one of the most used, trusted and bloatware-free smartphone OS with new trendsetter features in every update Apple offer to its users. Apple has also developed other Operating Systems derived from iOS i.e. iPadOS. Before iPadOS, they were using iOS for their almost every smartphone such as iPod and iPad devices. The reasons behind its popularity and success is its own app ecosystem, optimized features, quality hardware, security, extra premium designs and new advanced features with every update.

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  6. Tizen OS: It was a joint effort of Linux Foundation, MeeGo(A joint OS project by Intel & Nokia) & Samsung Electronics. It has been used primarily in smartphone devices for a short period of time. The idea behind this OS was to develop an OS which can be used on every type of devices such as wearables, TVs etc. Samsung merged their Bada OS with MeeGo for developing Tizen OS. It was way slower but capable of doing most of the tasks Android and iOS devices are doing these days.
  7. MeeGo OS: MeeGo was founded by Nokia and Intel corporation and researched for a short period of time. Some of their famous mobiles with MeeGo OS are Nokia N9 released early in the year of 2013. Being one of the best mobile UI/UX rich operating system, it was quite simple, attractive and high performing OS. You can feel some of its design similarities on using Samsung Galaxy smartphones which are taken from Tizen OS(Merged design from Bada & MeeGo.
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10 Best MX Originals You Must Watch

Since digital era of online streaming , Indian entertainment industry has risen with some amazing stuff coming in form of web shows, web series, internet TV and OTT releases. In last 4 years live streaming has been improved and increased on India as well with affordable plans. Some of major Indian live video streaming platforms are Disney plus Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Netflix, TVFPlay, Voot, Alt Balaji and MX player.

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And for music/audio streaming Some of the major apps are iTunes, Gaana, Spotify, YouTube music, Wync Music, Jio Saavn and Shazam etc.

This article will only include some good stuff you can find on MX Player mobile app for free.  Before mentioning top 10 web series here, you need to know about categories of shows available on application.

Categories of Shows Available on MX Player Online:

  1. Games with Earn Money Options
  2. Music with Gaana App Integration
  3. Web Series
  4. Movies
  5. Live TV
  6. TakaTak Feed(TikTok alternative by MX Player)
  7. MX Ads Obviously

Top 11 Web Original Series on MX Player are:

  1. Thinkistan: A must watch MX original which includes almost every type of emotions such as romance, drama, friendship, struggle, sacrifice and hypocrisy etc. This web series have 2 different seasons till date with 23 episodes in total. In this web series, you’ll see work culture of an Marketing agency from 90s era. This show’s star cast is Shravan Reddy,  Naveen Kasturia, Vasuki, Jayashree Venketaramanan, Mandira Bedi, Shraddha Musale, Medha, Anindita Bose, Paul Varghese, Ninad, Jaswant Singh, Rashmi Somvanshi, Shashank Karmarkar, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Meghana At, Richard Joel, Kaizaad Kotwal, Payal Gupta, Purnima Rathod, Madhavi Rao, Neil Bhoopalam, Satyadeep Misra, Kallirroi Tziafet & Barrack etc. It is an best combination of working culture of an creative & marketing company in India since date. You will relate to most of the twists in its story. An IT professional will definitely relate to it because people usually face such situations while working for client with best efforts and someone just ignores and stops your work without even listening to your ideas and intentions. You’ll never feel bored in these 2 seasons of Thinkistan and watching it will be fun for every kind of audience.The best part of this show is story, cast, details in every situation and well targeted social issues.
  1. Girlfriend Chor: A well screen played version of student life which includes situations teenagers face usually, such as 1 sided love goals, relationship fights, planning to target your crush etc. A family tried with a well planned story to target their son’s crush for him. It was a fun watching their efforts for their son to get in a relationship. They tried almost everything but found helpless. Maybe, in future, we’ll see more seasons coming in this web series because it wasn’t felt like ended story. It’s starcast is most of the people worked with famous web series makers in India i.e. TVF. All the actors in this series played their roles very well. The acting team involves Mayur More, Shishir Sharma, Diksha Juneja, Sonali Sachdev, Himani Sharma, Kushagre Dua & Harsh Joshi etc.
  1. Aafat: An MX Original beautifully created by supporting some good stuff including women empowerment and 4 parallel stories and 4 different women characters. Show’s cast involves Seema Pahwa, Anshul Chauhan, Pushtii Shakti, Chitrashi Rawat, Neelam Sivia, Nikita Dutta and Sidharth Bhardwaj. This series shows all 4 stories parallel by showing 4 different characters with 1 story each.
  1. Pati Patni Aur Woh: This is my personal favorite because of simplicity in characters and they way they’ve shown rural life with reality, great acting, comedy and romantic drama. I’ve liked all the characters except 1 least good actress i.e. Riya Sen. But, even she has tried to show her character very particularly. Star cast is Anant Vidhaat Sharma, Vinny Arora, Riya Sen, Saksham Shukla, Siddharth Chaturvedi & Jaspal Sharma etc.
  1. ChukyaGiri, CEOGiri & BhootiyaGiri: This is a web series with back to back 3 different seasons named in order. ChukyaGiri is a story of an rural or small town guy Chukya who came to Mumbai for job. This story well explained and made his struggle very connecting to audience. Somehow, he got a job in a advertising firm and gradually he has grown and won heart of everyone if that company. CEOGiri is seasons 2 of the web series which shows same advertising company facing crisis because of their one of their most trusted but fraud employees. But, CEO of the company managed to run it on his own by overcoming his fear of Social Anxiety. Star cast is Sumeet Vyas, Preeti Hansraj Sharma, Gopal Dutt, Eisha Chopra, Pranay Manchanda, Aahana Kumra, Ivan Rodrigues, Sunny Kaushal, Anand Tiwari, Anuj Sullere, Narendra Jetley and Abudhar Al Hassan etc.

BhootiyaGiri story starts from CEOGiri season’s end, when almost everyone left the advertising firm’s CEO alone in his worst time and when he was almost bankgrupt and was arrested by Police for some illegal stuff. BhootiyaGiri is a total fun and created by motivating audience on every step. After returning from jail, CEO manages to work on his own hotel at some outdated hill station far from his city. And there the horror part comes,  his family owned hotel was a haunted place that why his family never managed to run that to earn good money. This is a must watch, because, you’ll never feel bored in any of this list of web series. These all 3 seasons has been created by “ARRE”.

  1. F.A.T.H.E.R.S: It’s name is very self explanatory, and maybe, it has been indirectly derived from world most famous web series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The story of this show totally reflects the concept behind the name i.e. Three Best friends whose age about 40 years. There are 2 diffrent seasons available for this web series on the  MX player application. This story shows the funny, idiotic but sometimes emotional and very touching conversations between all 3 Men. The cast of this show has changed in every season.On lead role actors in the series are Rakesh Bedi, Manoj Joshi, Virendra saxena, Gajraj Rao,Brijendr Kala, Atul Shrivastava, Deepesh su. and Khushbu Baid etc. This whole web series is created by TVF.
  1. Times of Music: This show is more like a reality show where today’s famous music producers has performed on old legendary compositions in front of original creators by recreating their melodies. It was a fun and most lovong part that they’ve changed the whole concept of web shows and music. It is not a web series but totally a musical shows with virtual concert of evergreen recreated.
  1. Aam Aadmi Family: This is one of the best web series based on an Indian family. Best common thing about all above web series shared on this list is their story, screenplay and casting for roles. All the actors. stories and concepts are very good to watch. I’ve enjoyed this web series a lot. There are 3 different seasons of this web series with entertaining scenarios in every different episode. This web series is too created by TVF. Star cast is Gunjan Malhotra, Lubna salim, Chandan Anand, Kamlesh Gill, Brijendra Kala, Sudheer Chobessy and Pranay Manchanda etc.
  1. I’m Mature: This show is based on story of teenagers at school. A teenager boy had a crush on his class topper girl and then this story moves forward with a funny, relatable and entertaining story. This web series is also created by TVF. Star cast is Rashmi Agdekar, Omkar Kulkarni, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Visshesh Tiwari, Himika Bose, Nikhil Vijay, Komal Chhabria, Dilip Merala, Gopal Dutt, Divya Karnare, Pradnaya, Jitendra Kumar, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Sameer Saxena, Nidhi Singh, Ranjan Raj, Biswapati Sarkar, Abhinav Anand, Sahil Verma, Danish Bagga, Badri Chavan, Nidhi Bisht, Sameer Shaikh, Induben Mehta, Lalu Makhija, Rakhi Mansha, Abhiruchi, Aslam R. Wadkar etc.
  1. Basement Company: The story of this web series revolves around 3 major characters who got there first job in an music label. But, there was an space issue with the company, they’ve shifted to basement on first day of their job. Star cast is Apurva Arora, Gagan Arora, Mayur More, Jasssi kapoor, Prithvi Zutshi etc.

There are some other web series which can be a good choice to watch. For example Queen, Hello Mini, Flames, Mastram, Bhaukaal, HIGH, Aashram(Based on Baba Kashipur Wale) and Raktanchal etc.

All of these series are managed on the top 10 list with my own past experiences in watching web shows on MX player.

Hope you’ve liked the information shared above. Share your thought in comment section below.

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Top 10 Most Uniquely Known Cryptocurrency Platforms

Being a cryptocurrency enthusiast, everyone want to know about some unique digital currencies which has taken digital transactions to next level within a few years of technological innovations. Some of these few cryptocurrencies are well know but you’ll surely find some unique, new and most distinguishable cryptocurrencies here in this blog.

Top 10 Unique and New Digital Currencies:

  1. Libra Coins: A well known cryptocurrency platform from Facebook group called “Libra”. Libra currently use digital wallet for transactions called Novi. This name of digital wallet has been changed recently to Novi from Calibra.
  2. Hive Blockchain: A recently launched blockchain system based in Canada. It is said to be a first public listed blockchain company that combines both blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional cryptocurrency markets.
  3. Bitcoin: The most popular cryptocurrency based coin BTC. It is said to be the start of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Being most popular, valuable and oldest cryptocurrency it has been involved in many technology innovations which cannot be described in just a few paragraphs.
  4. Tron: A blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency O.S based on crypto native systems. It has been founded by a Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. Recently in 2020, Tron(TRX) has acquired Steemit platform(Social Media based on Crypto token rewards in form of Steem Cryptocurrency).
  5. Ethereum: A one of the most popular cryptocurrency system widely used for DApp development across globe. Its crypto-symbol is ETH and its has been always on the list of top cryptocurrencies till date along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  6. Steem: Its a unique kind of cryptocurrency associated with most Steemit and Steem based platforms like Steem Monster, Utopia, D.tube etc.
  7. Dash: This cryptocurrency offers untraceable transactions and is one of the most famous open source cryptocurrency. It was previously known as Xcoin and DarkCoin.
  8. Minds Token: Being a distributed social network for mobile and desktop devices, Mind offer a reward system called Minds Tokens. There are some more social media networks offering these type of crypto based token rewards for upvotes, likes and user engagements with content.
  9. Litecoin: people donate it by Sign like “L” . Being an project fork of Bitcoin, it has been released under MIT/X11 license. It refers to a P2P open source cryptocurrency earlier Bitcoin spinoff or Altcoin.
  10. Reddit Coins: These coins has been launched by Reddit Inc or Reddit.com which is an highly used social media for years till date. Just like other platforms such as Minds, Steemit and Dtube, its also offer reward systems in form of these tokens called Reddit coins. If you are “Reddit Premium” user, you’ll get monthly coins for your advertisements and rewarding others content. You can directly buy these coins on their official website mentioned above.
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