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What is Looker Studio?

Data Studio has been integrated into Looker by Google and is now known as Looker Studio. According to Google, the platform will now have more functionality and analytics tools available.

What is Looker Studio?

A more cohesive analytics ecosystem will be created through new connectors between Looker and the Google BI services Data Studio and Connected Sheets.

Google said “Looker Studio has replaced Data Studio. With the help of our comprehensive enterprise business intelligence suite, we will assist you in moving beyond dashboards and integrating the intelligence required to support data-driven decision-making into your workflows and applications.”

Your data is transformed by Looker Studio into completely customizable, educational reports and dashboards that are simple to read and distribute. Looker is a platform for big data analytics and business intelligence that makes it simple to explore, examine, and share real-time business insights.

Users will be able to apply the Looker modeling layer to combine data sources thanks to Looker Studio’s new support for data models from Looker.

It’s not fair to compare Data Studio to Looker apples to apples, although Looker has several distinct advantages.

Arijit Singh’s Tumhein Mohabbat Original Chords, Lyrics and Tutorial

Hi all, this blog is only meant for guitar and classical music enthusiasts who want to learn this song called “Tumhein Mohabbat” by Arijit Singh and Ar Rahman from Movie “Atrangi Re”. This blog post includes lyrics, original guitar chords and video tutorial.

Written by: Irshad Kamil

Let’s learn chords and lyrics altogether:

Teri Aankhon Mein Jhaakne Wala
Gm D
Tere Hothon Pe Kaapne Wala
Gm D
Teri Baaton Mein Bolne Wala
Baal Raaton Mein Kholne Wala
Gm D

Chores Lines: Gm Gm Gm D(Same after every verse)

Verse 1 Chords Tumhein Mohabbat:

Garm Saanson Mein
Ghull Raha Hai Jo
Woh Akele Mein Mill Raha Jo
D F#

Khwab Mein Aake Pyar Karta Hai
F# F#
Roz Sau Baar Tumpe Marta Hai
F# Bm
Khwab Mein Aake Pyar Karta Hai
F# F#
Roz Sau Baar Tumpe Marta Hai
F# Bm

Khinch Ke Bajuon Mein Lele Jo
Bm G
Kaan Ki Waaliyon Se Khele Jo

Haq Jatata Hai Jo Sabhi Tumpe
Puchhna Chahta Hoon Main Tumse
Gm Gm
Haq Jatata Hai Jo Sabhi Tumpe
Puchhna Chahta Hoon Main Tumse
Gm Gm

Kaun Hai Kaisa
Kaun Hai Kaisa
Kaisa Dikhta Hai

Kaun Hai Kaisa
Kaisa Dikhta Hai

Jaanta Hoon Ke Nahi
Main Woh Nahi
Main Woh Nahi
D Gm

Woh Ki Jis Se
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai

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Pahadi Dish FAQs by Himachali Locals

If you live, travel and stay in Himachal Pradesh then, you are already aware of what Pahadi people call their unique Dishes. There are more than 50 dishes to mention here, we’ll only mention the most unique and less well-known dishes Himachali and Uttarakhandi people make at their home. This blog will only include the shortest description for every single mentioned dish below.

Here’s the List of Unique yet Tastiest Pahadi Dishes:

1. What is Sidoo or Siddu?

A flour based steamed dish which contains many ingredients to fill-up with the mix of these ingredients into the hollow piece of well mixed wheat flour. Then, Pahadi’s treat it with steam and heated until it gets fully baked from inside too. Then, it gets served with home-made sauce or chutney.

There are a number of ingredients people used to fill in Siddu’s but main of those ingredients are poppy seeds, Walnut, Almonds, Chili flakes, roasted Cumin-Coriander powder, Turmeric and Salt etc.

2. What is Redoo(रेड़ू):

Redu or Redoo is a salty dish with lassi and rice in it. It is one of the most common of these and is majorly common in Kangra and Neighbour districts of Kangra. This dish is usually half treated with heat, don’t heat and treat it fully on stove.

3. What is Palda(पलदा):

Palda is known by many names like Kaddu, Palada, Palda etc. A very similar dish to the above Redu but the main difference is it container Curd with Tadka.

4. What is Kalakadu(कलाकड़ू):

A rare but unique kind of Kakdi which is used to make a mix-veg like dish out of it. Read more.

5. What is Lonku:

Lonku is a vegetable known for its recipes like Lauki etc. This is also used to make it easy to make quick snacks like Katlu/Pakodas etc. Read more!

6. What is Badiyan(धूड़ा पेठा वड़ियां):

After griding an Ash guard and mixing it with a Flour (Besan, Wheat). Pahadi people make Vadiyan(Raw pakodas from that mix). This mix is then dried in direct sunlight. Then, people save them to make a Aaloo vadiyan like sabzi using those Ash Guard pakodas.

7. What is Surr(सुर):

A most famous yet unique kind of Pahadi drink which contains Alcohol and used to get a chill fell and hangover in winters like Alcohol and hash. People usually make it at home using some seeds and grains.

8. What is Lugdi(लुगड़ी):

Lugdi is a viscous drinking liquid people used to extract while making rice in non-cooker vessels. When rice gets heated up correctly and ready to use, you can extract its liquid to drink it after mixing a pinch of salt.

9. What is Jholl(झोल)

In Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Jhol is well known for a drug-based drink. Its main ingredient is rice. Usually, it can be purchased only in factories and their wholesale markets only.

10. What is Sund or Sonth:

It is known as many names in many states but majorly it is a desi-ghee mixed Laddo of made at home for healthy immune and energy gain. People usually make these laddu’s or mixed for regular eating in Winter season. No. of ingredients used in these laddus are Ginger powder, Raw and dry sugarcane Gudd, life dry coconut, Wheat, Desi Ghee, Almonds, Pista & Gond etc. This is very common yet healthy dish for regular eating in all of the north India. Read more!

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Unique Natural Vegetables in Himachal Pradesh

Being a Pahadi/Himachali resident for more than 25 years of time, I have explored many good, Vitamin rich, seasonal and easy to find vegetables for free. These vegetables can be found in forests, near crop fields etc. Some of these vegetables are only available at landslide like areas for example Tardi, Jimi Kand etc. Most of these vegetables can only be found in rural and Pahadi areas such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Uttarakhand, States in north-east of India etc.

Collage by Naveen Bhatia

In this blog, I’ll tell you everything I know about these veggies along with areas where these can be found and their local names as well.

Free Pahadi Vegetable are listed below:

1. Turdi(तरड़ी की सब्जी )

It’s a one-of-a-kind vegetable we get in Kangra(कांगडा़) District of Himachal Pradesh in the form of a root inside the soil. You just have to dig deeper after finding a plant of it or find a well grown plant of it at steep/inclined places where it is easier to dig soil to find root of Tardi plant. You can recognize its leafy plant by having a look at its leaf (See image attached below). This plant can only be found in season of Winters only.

Image Source: Himalayan Wild Food Plants

Its roots are the real vegetable (See attached images below) you need to dig deeper than 2 feet usually. This leafy plant can be found in forests.

Image Source: Himalayan Wild Food Plants

2. Lashade(Lush-yade/लसैड़े)

This is one of the most common season vegetables people used to make in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh. There are more than 1 way to make the dish out of these small pieces like marbles but, the most famous one is chatpata chutney kind of taste with amazing kind of texture in it. It can be found on trees known for it and these trees are only common in rural areas or in forests/jungle kind of areas too in the district. Back in lockdown, we found some of its trees in some Punjabi urban areas too.

Image Source: Navbharat Times

3. Bhrooni(Dhoodhe Ka Saag/भ्रूणी)

It is known as one of the most famous Saag in Kangra district for this seasonal vegetable. This is totally natural and cannot be found in agricultural places to buy plants of it. Winter season comes with many vegetables like Bhrooni, Lashyade etc. It is one of the best Saag I’ve eaten till date and the Saag is known for its Dhooni technique which is nothing but a technique to give it a different flavor through Coal. Its naturally grown are very common to see in Kangra and other districts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Image Source: Himtimes

4. Vasant Phool (Amaltas Flowers/वसंत)

Vasant flowers or Amaltas flowers are seasonal and can only be seen in naturally grown 3-6 feet high plants in Spring season. These flowers are tasty enough to use as main element to make Pakoda’s or Katlu(Local dish; Flat Pakodas). People collect these flowers and make bhajiyas out of them. Flowers are easy to collect as this grow on small plants in high numbers. The taste of these pakodas cannot be compared with others in the same category. There are more recepies to make drinks, curries from these seasonal flowers.

Image Source: Fayde aur Nuksan

5. Lungdu(Lingda/लुंगड़ू)

Lungdu is well known but rare to find in most of the areas as Lungdu usually grows in permanent watery places like rivers, canals, kulhs(Local name of small canals made for crops) etc. But you can find Lungdu’s in all local vegetable markets and shops in the season of Winter.

Image Source: Signup Trending Nature

In Himachal, there are 2 types of areas/soil

  • Changar/चंगर
  • Palam/पल़म.

Changar areas are known for their dry soil and hills while Palam areas are known for their moisture and watery areas and soil.
Lungdu’s are usually found in Palam areas while Bhrooni, Turdi, Vasant Phool and Lashyade are more common to find in Changar areas.

6. Braahn Phool (Braahn Flowers)

These are also flowers and these flowers only grow in mountains like Dhauladhar Parvat etc. You can find them in Rainy, summer as well as in Winter season for making drinks, chutneys and pakoras etc. These flowers have great benefits lined up in a row for humans as well as for pets like Cow, Bufalos etc. You can buy these flowers in vegetable markets only.

Image Source: Ruchiajay ki easy recipes/YouTube

7. Ambua(Unripe Mango)

I hope some of you already know about dishes Himachali people make from ripe and unripe Mangoes. Mangoes are very common to find, pick and also can be bought at shops and stores. But the dishes we make out of mangoes is still only limited to villages and Pahadi regions. Ambua is most loved in this list of vegetables/dishes as mangoes are easy to find and are affordable in India. Ambua is a gravy based mixture of spicy, juicy and salty sweet dish which people used to make and eat in rainy and pre-winter seasons.

Image Source: Amazon India

8. Tatt-Mor(Tamtor or Junglee Mushroom)

You may have seen many types of artificially made mushrooms in your vegetable markets but there are some other types of mushrooms which cannot be really found in any of these places or markets, known as Tamtor/Tatt-Mor. Tatt-Mors are edible kind of natural grown fungi/mushrooms which are non-toxic and have many minerals and vitamins within them. Tatt-Mors can only be found in crop fields in the rainy season. These Tatt-Mors grow to 1-2 maximum in number at a time. There are many naturally grown mushrooms which can be eaten and are useful for humans too such as Bhatmori/भतमोरियां(Grow in 100s of numbers and are smaller than Tatt-mors), Tatalan/टटालां, Khumb/खुंमब etc. We’ll cover all these in our upcoming blogs.

Image Source: News18 Hindi

9. Badi Nali (Nari Saag)

Badi Nali saag is very rare to find but grows in watery places like near rivers and canals etc. In Himachal, people used to have small artificial canals in between their crop fields to water their plants. It grows naturally and only a few people recognize it as Badi Nali. This is one of the most tasties dry saag vegetable but you can only find this in the Palam areas.

Image Source: Navbharat times

10. Choo/Chooyi Nali (छू-नली दी भुजी)

This Saag also comes in the same category as Badi Nali but the main difference is Choo Nali can be eaten as dry as well as gravy like saag. Both Choo Nali and Badi Nali grow in watery places like rivers and Baodi’s(ground water storage for drinking).

Image Source: Himalayan Diaries/YouTube

11. Karali (Karali/Kachnar Flowers)

This is the most used yet multipurpose vegetable we Pahadi people get from Kachnar trees. Sometimes, it is used as saag like a dish, on the other hand its flowers are also used as main ingredient to make pakodas. Pahadi pakodas are different in shape from Halwai pakodas. These pakodas we used to make are flat shaped and made in vessels where we used to make our rotis. This vegetable can only be found in trees in Pre-holi season which is also known as Winter to pre-summer season.

Image Source: Fusion Kitchen

12. Kooku (Banana Tree’s Flower)

Kooku is a flower grown in Banana trees and is rare enough in banana trees. This is used to make dishes like mix-veg and tastes just like Cabbage dishes. This vegetable cannot be found in markets but is easy to find in villages. This vegetable grows in Rainy and Winter season mostly.

Image Source: Margaret Saheed/Redbubble

13. Maanu(Child Bamboo Tree)

Maanu is an edible yet unique kind of vegetable and can only be found in between Bamboo trees in Rainy season. Whenever you see a tiny size child bamboo covered with small covers of layers, it is Maanu. You can make a mixed-veg like dish out of it. This is a protein and water rich dish you’ll ever eat. By the eay, almost every rainy season’s vegetable grown naturally is water rich in content.

Image Source:

14. Khukhni

Khukhni just looks like Choo nali but grows in Wheat crop fields. This is very common even in urban areas and can be used to make dry saag out of it. There are some other non-toxic saags you can find in urban areas just like Khukhni i.e. Bathu, Bhrooni etc.

Image Source: Go Botany Native Plant Trust

15. Tirmira

Tirmira is one of the rare in 2022 to find but is very minty flavored. naturally grown leafed used to make chutney/sauce. Tirmira cannot be found in markets but is rich in minerals and vitamins. When you eat its leaf, it gives you sweet mint behavior on your tongue. It grows in trees and can be found in any season.

Image Source:
Hospital de Câncer de Barretos

16. Ellu/Sesame Seeds

Ellus are used to make chutney for winter and summer seasons and these can be found near rivers only. Ellus are seeds of naturally grown, small plants near watery areas. There are many chutneys people used to make from these seasonal seeds.

Image Source: indiaMART

17. Ran-baani(Pahadi Cactus Flower) & Gangu Choo (Pinkish Fruit in Cactus)

This is most rare to find among these unique vegetables but is good enough to be consumed in rural areas if you find the right flower/middle sticks of Ran-Bani cactuses. It can be seen only in Winters. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any image of the original Ran Bani Cactus but we managed to find Gangu Choo photographs, see below attached.

Gangu Choo is a fruit that comes from junglee cactus having pinkish color. These fruits have tiny natural needles which can make your thoughts suffer a lot. So, clean or cut them before eating and always wash them carefully.

Image Source: indiaMART

18. Kachaalu/Arbi

It’s a root just like Turdi and grown artificially by people in villages. These can be found in markets as well as in villages. People used to make Patrode(Kachalu Pakoda), Saag, Arbi dish etc. using this vegetable. Kachalu mainly means big enough leafs converted into Patrodas/Patodas etc.

Image Source: Pinterest

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LinkedIn Podcast Network Launched in India

LinkedIn has launched a new way of connecting with professionals through audio/episodes in its recent launch called “LinkedIn Podcast Network“. Before this community feature, LinkedIn has offered great professional grade, minimal spammed features which kept LinkedIn social media engaged by employers, employees, job seekers, social media marketers and many more.

From job listing to courses to hiring to podcasting, now it’ became a complete suite after 2018 offered by LinkedIn to analyze, create, promote and track their content on the platform itself.

After getting a huge success in almost everything they’ve launched, now you guys will have access to the world’s one of the best speakers, entrepreneurs, self-improvement content creators on this podcasting platform which directly compete with Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Deezar etc.

LinkedIn also offers some good features for enthusiasts to create Newsletters, Sales Insights, Lead generations tools etc.

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Best SEO Tools for Backlink Analysis in 2022

There are plenty of tools for backlink analysis and link tracking from developers like MOZ, Ahrefs and MajesticSEO etc. These tools provide backlink details such as spam score, estimated traffic, competitor backlink and referring domain analysis etc. SEOs and webmasters use these tools for many other objectives such as link opportunity search, domain authority and rank tracking etc. Most of these tools come with free trial (varies from 1 week to 30 days) and then they charge monthly/yearly/lifetime membership for all the advanced and upcoming features in these tools.

Most of these tools provide automated reports with automatic email for dates you choose. You can even choose the format and can download these reports for offline use. If you are looking for a clear view of every SEO tool and want to know its USPs then this blog is for you. Being an SEO, Digital marketing and Webmaster, you’ll be clear about tools mentioned in this blog. All your queries related to “which tool should I use for backlink analysis “will be clear after reading this blog.

1. Ahrefs:

One of the most expensive yet most effective tools among all these listed in this blog. This tool provides amazing insights into links, rank tracking, backlink analysis and competitor analysis as well. They have many unique terms of their own which will help you determine your domain rating, link authority, Website Health Score, New backlinks, lost backlinks, Do-follow-no-follow link, Ahrefs Rank and page rank etc. Specifically, this tool is best in backlink and competitor monitoring/analysis.

Paid only: Starting at $99/month & $82/month (if paid annually)

2. Majestic (MajesticSEO):

A SEO tool which provides most accurate rank tracking for your SEO keywords and is paid for with very good competitor analysis and backlink tracking features. This tool is widely used in the website and content industry as it is one of the oldest tools to bundle loaded features for webmasters.
Some of its unique features are graphical anchor text review and backlink tracking with IP and subnetworks etc. Also, it has the world’s largest search index with 2 types of indices i.e. History and Fresh Index.

Paid only: Starting at $49/month & $41/month (if paid annually)

3. Semrush(Formerly SEMrush):

An all-in-one SEO, Backlink, Competitor Monitoring and Content Marketing toolkit which provides effective value for money experience to its customers. From rank tracking to guest blog tracking, it provides everything you need to know about your website. This is the first tool I’ve introduced in the list of tools which is very good on website Audit. There are only a few tools available other than Semrush which are good in website auditing such as SErankings, Woorank and Ubersuggest.

You also have some other features to earn extra bucks with their Affiliate programs with Semrush and they also offer their online certification programs to webmasters like me which can help in learning technical stuff along with certification you need for certificates for career growth. They also have some additonal tools such SellZone(Amazon business management tool), SEOQuake(essential browser extension for SEOs), Prowly(PR and Media Management tool), Semrush rankings (Company rankings for their online presence), Lead generation tool, Marketing Calender, Content Tracker, PPC Advertising Tool etc.

Paid & Free: Starting at $119/month & $99.95/month (if paid annually).

4. SE Rankings:

It’s an All-in-one SEO toolkit with automated reports (like all these tools) which also supports keyword tracking for almost all search engines and provides custom reports, audits, rank tracking formats etc.

Most unique features offered by SE Ranking tool is it tracks onsite & off page for your website changes on regular basis so if anything, bad or non-SEO friendly happens to your website, it will track down and show you warnings or alerts for it.
Other unique features are social media monitoring, keyword research and automated reports etc. It’s also one of the most competitive tools according to its pricing.

Paid only: Starting at $39/month and $31.17/month (if paid annually).

5. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is developed and managed by Neil Patel Digital and is a website auditing and SEO monitoring tool with best ever pricing available in the market. Most affordable tool among all these in the list with less but quality features for webmasters and professional SEOs.

Its unique features are keyword opportunity, Content ideas, Chrome extension, similar websites, site auditing etc.

Paid & Free: Starting at $12/month and $120 (Lifetime access).

6. WooRank:

This is the best website auditing tool because of its in-depth reach in audits, easy dashboard, understandable suggestions and graphic interface. Along with competitor analysis, technical audit and keyword tracking, it comes with 2 unique features listed below.
Its unique features are almost real-time SEO scores after fixes on websites and white-label SEO reports as well.

Paid only: Starting at $79/month & $53.25/month (if paid annually).

Get 1 Year Premium for Berrycast screen recording software at just 300 RS. Apply Coupon NAVEEN123 to get 20% Off. Click here to Buy now!

One of the essential & webmaster’s most favorite tool for backlink analysis and is widely used in the industry. Its most unique features are Domain authority, Mozbar, Top performing content research, Spam score & Competitor’s backlink analysis etc. Mozbar is an essential tool in SEO as it’s required to have the right knowledge of what you are doing in SEO at every step. Link building opportunity is also a very good feature provided by this tool.

Available for Free but, now it’s a part of MOZ Pro (Paid Only)!

8. Linkody:

Most powerful tool in Backlink monitoring and competitor analysis tool after Ahrefs. The tool only provides a few of the features like Ubersuggest but has some unique abilities to filter out useful data for webmasters.

Linkody’s unique features are lost and new link information, link building campaign tracking, Trust flow, easy disavow tool & Citation flow etc.

Paid only: Starting at $14.90/month & $11.20/month (if paid annually).

9. SpyFu:

It’s majorly a competitor’s keyword analysis tool which also provides rank tracking, automated reports. It is one of the most affordable options if you want a good rank tracking tool for your website as it’s very good at this.

Its most useful and unique features are keyword suggestions (for PPC & SEO), ranking history, location based ranking tracker like SE Rankings.

Paid only: Starting at $39/month.

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Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows and MAC

Having multiple options in screen recording apps makes this market very competitive as there are many quality check parameters which are responsible for a selection of 1 app out of all these. Some parameters have been listed below, on the basis of which we’ll rank the screen recording apps.

  • Video quality: To ensure the fps, capture quality and visual quality without distortions in the final recorded file.
  • Editing experience: Some screen recording tools offer editing features like highlighting some elements with a pen like experience etc. which gives tutorial/teachers makers easy workflow.
  • Ease: There are many free and paid software programs which offer screen recording features, but only a few of them are easy to understand, record and even broadcast directly to streaming services.
  • Length: Recording software programs offer limited time of recording screen per video to their basic users. So, in these parameters we will keep in mind that which tool is best in this segment.
  • Maximum no. of video per month or per account: Total no. of video you can record on a program are limited in free, basic, and even in premium memberships. This limit expands with an increase in membership plan upgrades.
  • No. of maximum users allowed: You only get a limited number of users usually in most of the plans offered by Software programs except Enterprise plan.
  • Pricing: This is one of the major parameters which affect a user’s choice, as some apps are really expensive if they have bad user experience.
  • Cloud Saving, Publishing & Link sharing: This feature is very rare in screen recording or screen casting software programs. But it is one good option for people to just record. And share a playable link like you share YouTube links with someone which makes your video device independent too.
  • Third-Party Integration: Most of the software programs offer third party linking, like PowToon is now linked with MS PowerPoint. These integrations help you speed up your work by reducing no. of steps you are going to do after 1 step.
  • Natural Color Capture: There are many tools which produce very bad videos after capturing them. Some of them are like OBS studio. It’s good but its default setting produces bad quality videos.

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Below listed are the tools ranked based on above shared features:

1. XBox Game Bar:

This feature has been introduced by MicroSoft since Windows 10 release. Xbox game is majorly there for game recordings but can also be sued in other apps, browsers to record/export natural quality videos. This is totally free and is best in the segment.

Where to find Xbox Gamebar?

Go to Windows 10 Start options, search for Xbox gamebar and open the recording softwares.

2. Berrycast:

If you are looking for an external or totally good screen recording software program from a third-party developer platform, this tool gives you everything mentioned in the above list of features which makes it rank in no. 1 among top 3rd party tools for screen recording.

Ranked at #2 because it is not pre-installed in Windows 10. It all the features listed above like good video quality, link sharing, cloud sync, easy to use buttons, team management, unlimited length, unlimited no. of videos, 3rd party integration with Google Chrome and MicroSoft Teams as well. Too many features are there with free and unlimited no. of features in single Desktop app. App is available for Windows and MAC OS as well so you can use it anywhere, anytime as the app saves all the data in its cloud-based software system.

Download Berrycast for Desktop and signup with Coupon Code NAVEEN123 to get an additonal off on this amazing, affordable software program.

3. MicroSoft PowerPoint:

This is one of the most underrated software for screen recordings. Many professionals and teachers, and students use MicroSoft PowerPoint everyday but, only a few people know that it offers a good feature for screen recording as well. This tool is paid only and created/published by MS in MS Office software package. It is easiest, also provides the best quality video and also provides export/PPT integration options as well.

Where to find this feature in MS PowerPoint?

Open PowerPoint App>Open Insert Section>Click on Last Option in the List (i.e. Screen Recording).

4. APowerSoft Screen Recorder:

This app provides quality video which is quite presentable if you want to use it on YouTube, Presentations and on any tutorials as well. Colors are natural, no distortions and also come with affordable premium membership. Yes, for free users it has limits in time, quality and no. of videos but the quality it gives is unmatchable with the ones listed below. App is available for both Windows and MAC users.

5. OBS Studio

Most used comes with very streaming features too and is popular in every operating system like MAC, Windows, and Linux too. This comes with a free open-source license. And is used by gamers, streamers, tutors to record edit and publish videos on various digital platforms. I personally don’t like this app because of its unnatural default colors. But, you can setup/edit color according to your needs, also you can play with the resolution in this app. OBS Studio also comes up with very good editing features which makes it an overall fit for every kind of user.

It’s not simple enough to use as compared to other programs listed above. Else, it would have been better in this ranking list.

6. Nvidia Studio:

Nvidia Screen recording and streaming engine comes with Windows 10 and can screen record with very good quality. This app is totally free with Nvidia GPU laptops and can stream simultaneously while recording screen. Resolution and OS depends because of Apple MAC’s M1 silicon and custom GPUs but for Windows it’s one of the best recorders available till date.

7. Filmora Screen Recorder:

Filmora comes with plenty of apps offering video editing, screen recording with good effects and Chrome key etc. App with premium feature named “Wondershare DemoCreator” is the recording software offered by Filmora i.e. Wondershare Inc. It’s very cheap in price and comes with a maximum of no. of features among all mentioned in the list except cloud saving, link sharing and team roles etc.

8. TinyTake:

An average quality screen recording provider which comes with 5 minutes length for a video recording in free access. This tool is very easy to use and comes up with simple limited features so you’ll like its premium version as well. Export resolution is also decent. This app is available for Windows as well as for MAC users. There’s no availability for Linux/Unix users.

9. Bandicam:

It’s most affordable in the list with lifetime membership and updates. No. of users vary for paid plans but for free, you have limited access but provide good quality on free and paid plans too.

10. VSDC Screen Recorder:

This program is only available for Windows OS but provides free, average quality video. You can download it from its official website i.e. Download VSDC.

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What is MoveOS? Whats the purpose behind its development?

Its not revealed about MoveOS yet that on which programming languages its coded but, you’ll know about its features, purpose, and publishers for their own specific usage.

Why MoveOS Built?

MoveOS has been launched on 15 August/Independence Day by an Indian Electric scooter and online cabs tech giant OLA.

It’s not a OS which helps you connect some peripherals to your smartph9ne or internet but its an fully functional operatin system development in-house by OLA to run their most advanced electric scooter with smooth connection, advanced AI driven features and to control everything visually and even can make smart decisions.

What Are Some of the MoveOS Features Revealed by OLA Electric?

  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom dashboard
  • Android like smooth experience
  • Voice assistant wakes up with “Hey OLA”
  • Works with 4G Network
  • Auto Detects Your Presence with Help of Sensors
  • Smart Suggestions for Recharge, Alarms, Reminders
  • Helps You Controls Your Ola S1 AND S1 PRO From Smartphone
  • Pick Calls, Play Music with help of mobile like installed hardware and software
  • Apps for regular use
  • Manages moods and widgets smartly to drag and drop
  • Rising modes are easier than ever to access

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Information explained in this blog fetched from OLA’s recent electric scooter launch and From website so, get more information at the source to know more.

Unheard Google Features Explained – Try Now

Some paid plans from Google are also there just as Google One, Google Cloud etc.

We’ll discuss about other Google products like Pixel, Nexus, Home and more in my upcoming blog, hopefully.

Here we’ll learn about some non common Google Features comes from its search engine mainly.

Google’s Unique Search Engine Features are:

AR Animals for Mobile Devices:

If you are an Android User, you should this feature which allows you to get desired augmented reality animals in front of you by using your smartphone’s camera. So, you must be thing of “How to se augmented reality animals”?

Go to Google Mobile app or search engine in an mobile device and search for a “Horse”.
After searching for horse, you’ll get an information snippet where you can see a real horse standing in rich search snippet result. See below attached screenshot to see what exactly is being shown for mobile devices here.

Image source: Google

Click on “View in 3D” and now it will ask for your camera permissions and then you can see the Augmented horse inside your house.

Map Showing Insider Information(Fetched from website content):

Google in map results shows some additional information fetched from website data/text. When a query matches map result + website content, it shows additional data like shown in image with green colour.

Image source: Google

Number of Searches Per Result Page:

By default, Google search engine shows 10 results per page but there are some cases which makes changes in results shown for a user. Suppose, you are searching same query we used in above image i.e. Hire Xamarin developers, so results will be shown on the basis of your location, query match and your account logins.

So, how to change number of results per page on searching a query on Google Search Engine?

  • Search your query on Google
  • Click on Red marked “Search settings” option
Google Search settings
  • Choose number of results per page according to your need
Results per page
  • Save search setting from button given in bottom and now you’ll get upto 100 results per SERP.

Custom Search Location:

Change your main search location for that window in “Search Settings”. See attached image to have a look at search locations.

Source: Google

Chrome Extensions:

Google offers a chrome extension store for its users so that they can cannot miss features linked with other apps and also can have native app like experience on using Google Chrome Web Browser. Some recommended “Google Chrome Extensions” are Google Keep, Save to Google Drive, Google Analytics Opt-Out, GData Centres 1 Council Bluff, Google Tone, Google Hangouts, Google Similar Pages, Analytics Debugger, Password Alert and Tag Assistant Beta for GTM etc.

Google Passwords:

Google offers an autofill program for fast working on web browsers like Google, Edge and Firefox etc. Its offers a quick password manager which automatically collects passwords when you login an app on Chrome browser.
You can find all your saved passwords on Google’s portal which is Password Manager ( after logging in into your Google Account.

Visit Google Images and attach an image and then you’ll get similar content related to that image. Yes, its that simple for you to search data related to image just by pasting link or uploading an image on Google Images.

Google Translate

Its an mobile as well as a web app which is famous for translating any text into another language. You can even listen to the right pronunciation of the words in Google Translate. Some other search engines also have their own language translators for free of cost use such as Bing, Yahoo etc.

What other options are there in

1. Attach a text document and get it translated to another, desired language
2. Capture a photo of text in mobile app, upload it, extract text and get it translated to another language by using Google Translator only.

Google Currency Calculator:

On searching conversion for two desired currencies on Google, you can get a quick app like dashboard which shows all the data related to both currencies in table form. See attached screenshot for better understanding.

Source: Google

Chrome DevTools:

Chrome DevTools are one of the least used but important and unique Google feature which helps advertisers, developer and browsers developers etc.
There are number of tools available in Chrome DevTools which includes Inspect browser feature, quick edit previews etc. It helps web designers to quickly make changes to code without to test the design in preview without logging into website’s backend.

Google LightHouse:

Open a webpage on Google Chrome and press right click on mouse to get options from browser for that page.

  • Click on Inspect
  • You’ll se website’s coding along with options to change your dashboard from given options at the top bar(as shown in image).
Source: Google Chrome
  • Click to Last Option i.e. Lighhouse and now you’ll get a dashboard right there.
Source: Google Chrome
  • Now, you can do a check to your website’s performance for all important parameters such as SEO, SPEED, Accessibility, Responsiveness etc.

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Do Alag Dhaam Dekho Huye Siya Ram Lyrics- Sonu Nigam, Ramyug MX Player

Thanks for visiting this blog. I’ve seen the same web series for which thy have created tremendous melodies like “Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Siya Ram”. This devotional song is a one of the major part of MX Player’s latest hindi web series “RAMYUG” created by Kunal Kohli(Bollywood director). This song has been sung by one of the greatest Bollywood music maestro “Sonu Nigam”, who is outshining Indian music across the globe with his voice, humanity and gestures of love and respect. I hope you will learn these lyrics and find it helpful for yourself. Don’t forget to leave comments below to support my blog. Subscribe this blog for latest Indian music and artistic knowledge.

Do Alag Dham Hoye, Jai Jai Siya Ram Lyrics:-

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam


Ram ik vachan hai, to Siya ik nirwah hai
Saat janam aise mehke, jaise vachano ka vyaah hai,

Jag poojega baar baar.

Cores again:

Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain …
Mann ke jo teerath hain, dhaam man bhaaye hain,
Jisne diya hai ek pal mein sadiyon ko thaam,

Do alag dham dekho huye Siya Ram
Do alag naam dekho huye Siya Ram

bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam, bolo bolo haan bolo jai jai Siya Raam

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog, I would love to have your comments below. Let me know about other topics you me to write with insights.