Guitar chords by Naveen Bhatia

Welcome to Naveen Bhatia’s World

Naveen Bhatia is an artist with sound knowledge of composition, music & Freelancing in digital services. His passion helped him learn all 3 in almost no time. The vocalist cum guitarist possesses great knowledge of classical, melodious music & marketing techniques.

“To achieve something you love, you need to be in love with the process too”

Though he started his music journey with his college group #SymphonicVibrations, however, his passion for music has made him popular in corporate sector as well.

After winning a few techs fest, he decided to take Indian classical music to another level. Bringing new out of no where’s what makes him stand out in crowd.

You can reach out the amazing personality on every popular social media channel & don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment & follow. In case you are unable to find him on your favorite channel, feel free to contact him @ via email!

“Music Is What Feelings Sound Like”

Music is the language which speaks beyond every boundary, that’s why Naveen has chosen music as a major part of life.

To make something more creative with music, it is important to choose & like the process of making a productive export.


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Music. Creativity. Life

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